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10 Best Ways to Earn Money from Amazon (With & Without Prior Investments)

Amazon – one of the World’s Biggest Conglomerate e-commerce for buying the products online, also aids people to earn money both as full time or as side hustles. Experienced had claimed that they were able to earn $100,000 / month using Amazon as the only source. If at all, one is good in the knowledge of how it works, and play tactics, he may sure give a boost jump to his income-source through amazon.

One can leverage Amazon for his/her business with earlier made investments or by no prior investments. The page explains the possible ways for both of them.

Ways to Earn Money from Amazon:

(For uplifting businesses / Through investments)

1. Selling products using Amazon FBA

FBA stands for ‘fulfilled by Amazon’. It lets you to sell products through amazon, fulfilled by it, i.e., if you are engaged in selling, you can add your products in amazon warehouse and amazon will take care of the shipment of your products to the online customers, after giving approval of FBA. While, you may even ship it yourselves, to avoid hefty amazon shipping charges. People are also engaged in buying products from other sources as Alibaba and getting it sold at a susceptible rate both for the customers and sellers. The thing to get noticed here is researching the trend of the market and graphing if the trend suits to your product and calculating the profit made after involving all charges, shipping too. Only if your products make a huge upside margin in the market, you can assure of a profit.

Amazon FBA

Remember that, you are legged in the platform of striving competitors. Unless, you sell your quality products at an evened rate than your competitors, you may be declined. Experienced had claimed, without sorting out the market demand and research in amazon and failing to incorporate the shipping charges will let you to a loss.

Register in Amazon FBA – Click here!

2. Private Labeling the Product

Private labelling the product differs from the previous by having the products registered on Amazon as their own. By this, one may have full control and modifications related to the products. It refers Amazon serves as an advertisement and shipping(if you wish) platform for your product, wherein you can have full control over your listing, modify, solicit reviews as required to the fit of the market, unlike FBA (where all these are taken care by Amazon itself). Private labelling enables to avoid competition as optimizing and modifying is left to the sellers. One may see profit in this, by confirming that the products fits to the market at a mean rate, making high attracting product listing, and driving traffic to the listings with amazon sponsored ads.

3. Retail Arbitrage

It literally means “buying low and selling high”, what major of the local marketers do. Buying a mass number of products at a lower rate and selling it in platforms like Amazon at a prone rate, will let you see wealth, if you check in the market and play tactically. Not just buying any products and adding it on Amazon would drive the product to sell. One must first, examine the need of the market, to profitably sell the product. The scanning apps like Amazon Seller App and Scoutify App helps you in this basis. They provide you the market details, and assist you in fixing the rates, products ranking and estimating the profit for your product. If the product is worthy in markets to sale, then sure one may get a huge cash-in for the sale.

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Through no prior investments:

4. Amazon Flex

Have you seen ordinary clothed man delivering amazon products? They are in Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex hires people for those prime users mainly in metropolitan cities, where the company have difficulty (traffics, or other means) to deliver the products within a day. If you have a smartphone and a reliable vehicle, one may get enrolled in Flex.

Amazon Flex

Mostly delivery partners earn $18 – $25 per hour delivering with Amazon Flex. Its on hourly basis, and if one finishes the orders prescribed within the given hours, the rest is free. To brief it, if one finishes 3 orders less than an allotted time of 4hrs, he may use the extra hours for himself. The limiting factor is that it functions only in some locations around the globe based on deliveries and other factors. Perhaps, getting signed up for the opportunity takes less than an hour to possibly earn!
To know more about Amazon Flex, Click Here!

5. Amazon M-Turk for Side-hustlers:

Amazon Mech-Turk is for side-hustlers, students who wish to earn amounts of money in their spare time and is a job of simple and mindless tasks.

Amazon M-Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes and jobs to a distributed workforce who can perform these tasks virtually. This could include anything from conducting simple data validation, taking up surveys, transcription, categorizing and image recognition and more.

Its absolutely micro tasks that even a schooled boy can get out of it to earn. Study tells that, averagely one may earn an $2 – $7.5 / hour based on the works assigned. Tap here to register in M-Turk of Amazon.

6. Amazon Merch – Design Selling:

Amazon Merch lets you paid for the designs you make for clothes, say mainly t-shirt or hoodies.

Amazon Merch

The procedure is, make an attractive design for t-shirt on platforms like Canva and Snappa and add it on Amazon by signing up on Merch and Amazon will handle the printing, packing and selling process. This way, Amazon pays you royally for your design. It demands only a creative design to make through to earn; so, why to let it go? Click Here, to know more!

7. WFH for Amazon

This is work from home (WFH) option rendered by the Virtual customer service team of the company to hire the fitting persons. If you live in virtually – active locations of Amazon, and if you convince the team that you fit to the job, you may take in the opportunity. It has an average pay of $10/hour. It has number of job openings that is listed on virtual locations website page of amazon.

8. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate is the optimum way to make passive earnings if you own a blog or website that has a considerable people in traffic.

Amazon Affiliate

It works as, after registering as an amazon affiliate, one may put affiliate or relatable links or postures in his blog or website. Each time, if anyone clicks on the product and buys it, the affiliate may earn 4 to 8.5% of a sale. Make sure it works only if traffics are vast and you affiliate the products that are relatable with your website/blog.

9. Camper Force

Camper Force, a section of Amazon lets you earn on seasonal basis, especially on holidays to work for Amazon.

Camper Force can get you $550 per campsite if you own a RV (recreational vehicle) and completes the seasonal task assigned in a specific area where you just need to pick, pack, store and receiving at an amazon warehouse in your RV. This is something that works based on the location.

10. Amazon Handmade

This is a good opportunity for creative-thinkers and designers to sell their handmade products in the largest online store. The platform is similar to Etsy and it charges 15% commission / referral fees on each of your product sale.

Amazon Handmade

If you are ready to sell your handmade product, register in amazon’s handmade website and provide the details while the rest is left to Amazon FBA. They have rules to be followed only when to get part of Handmade; most vitally, the product must be fully hand-made or hand-stitched or hand-worked.
To get started with Handmade, Click Here!


Amazon is expanding its firms and its products every year. In this modernized and informative world, it’s not that tough to make a smooth flow of income. Amazon has even more ways to earn products for work, like Amazon Trade-In and Amazon Vine. These caters you gift cards that can be availed for shopping in amazon.
This blog just explained the few possible ways to earn from the world’s biggest e-commerce platform. The listing isn’t over and if you are skilled and productive, the website also pays you for more than 10000+ job offers in Amazon. To name a few, are product development, app development, software and more. The thing is you need to knock out for the opportunity if it doesn’t knock you. There are more and more options available to earn for a skilled and employable person in this globe.

“Search and Conquer”

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