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Best ways to Earn Money Online without Prior Investment

The familiar question often hints everyone’s, especially student’s mind is how to earn money online as a part-time work, that too without cashing in at start. Well, to answer the question, there are several opportunities available for one to look for money online, in this information era. All you need is a personal computer/laptop or smartphones and an internet connection. The fitting way to look for money is just to explore the opportunities available. In fact, I was surprised to acknowledge that there are hundreds of websites or companies that lets you earn online, but quite often most are restricted to locations. This blog deals the same of ways to earn money online, prioritizing the best among tens and hundreds of fortuities present in the internet and irrespective of locations. Before to get into the content, I wish to clarify what you need to invest and what you must think back while entering into an opportunity.

Bethink this before you start

  • The first point to mark is, ‘Give & Take’ strategy. Unless you are not ready to spend time and your efforts, nothing will be bounced on you.
  • The start is the most strenuous part of living, as it involves a change. 99% people hesitate to start, because they are not ready to sacrifice the daily habits for a purposeful one. Learn to sacrifice your daily bootless habits.
  • More than 80% of the people who start, kick off after starting. This is why most of the starters fail. Winners never quit and quitter never wins.
  • Be persistent! Its not an overnight success to ensure; the process takes atleast days or months or even years to requite you. However, the returns could be so huge.
  • Don’t work for money. “While, the blog title itself cites of earning money, what you mean by don’t work for money?”, Maybe, some of you can put this question on me. The thing is some jobs/works just consume your time and doesn’t reward equivalently. My personal advice is that never work for money, unless it helps you to feed your knowledge or talents or skills. So, this blog doesn’t brief you such chances; sorry for that! However, it cites those kinds of jobs at the epilogue.

Earn Money Online without Prior Investment

Ahead to start, the content is categorized as per the tasks/work involved is what I wish to spot.

1. Writing

Starting a Blog

Starting a blog of your interested niche is the best option as a side-hustle or even as full-time hustle. Reason is that, the immense wealth that it retracts is what compelling everyone to the start-off. Earnings: A blog can earn crores even, over years. For instance, a blog page named ‘’ in India, earns $287,864 annually. So, where to begin? There are many platforms that helps you to launch a blog-site, namely:

Steps to start a blog -> Click here.

Launching an E-book

This is a stunning one to pool in the money, if you are a good writer, engaging in all the imaginaries and comparisons. There are best platforms to sell your e-book online and get paid for that. Few among those are:

Earnings: E-books can account you $500 monthly(average) as a passive income. If the book gets in good readers, lakhs are also possible. Click here, to know more about writing an E-book!


A clickworker just finish the writing tasks, proffered for him/her. The tasks include content-writing, article writing, copy writing, blog writing, research works and so on. The best earning for a clickworker is $9 per hour for fresh ones and more than $10 for experienced workers.


This is a platform of earning for research jobs. The site will provide you a topic for research, to get paid after submitting a keen report of the research. Well, its tedious to enlist yourself as a researcher, but not impossible. Be a positive affirmative person and try and try and try until you succeed.
Earnings: The job pays $50 for your first work and $15 – $18 on average for your consecutive works, reaching up to $25.

Click here to signup, in Askwonder to be a researcher.

2. Marketing

Drop-shipping / Drop-service

Drop shipping / Drop servicing is one of the best business models to pocket in lump-sum money and even, the fast growing model in the internet in this decade. Job: ‘Sell High and Buy Low Strategy’. If customers buy your product/service listed in your site/blog, you just need to deliver the same, after purchasing it in the open market. The blog/site creates a trust over the product/service which is a key-point to sell it for higher prices than you buy in the market. As you just buy after selling, there’s no loss encountered in this model. Earnings: $2000/month (Approximately. Varies on number of clients you attract)Dylan Sigley, an expert in the field is fortunate to roll in six figures per month. Know more about him in Youtube, by clicking here. Drop servicing is a legitimate business model. It’s one of the oldest business models around. Drop servicing allows you to provide high-quality services to multiple clients, make them happy, help them grow their business, and build a dedicated team around delivering those services to your clients.

Starting a website

Job: Creation of a website for your or parent’s business and driving in more people into it. As internet is a vast platform of buyers and sellers, there are multiple chances to add value to your business. The reach is immense over the internet and at the closure of driving traffic, ads on the site pay an extra income too. Earnings: For instance, if a thousand people click on the ads cited in your website, each click contributes 15 cents to you that sums to $450 monthly (only through ads). The platforms that aids to create a site applies the same as listed in the ‘starting a blog’.

3. Teaching

A good communicator or teacher can look on to this, as its based-on teaching purpose. Job: The platform asks for completing academic questions and online tutors and more, for which you are paid. Earnings: Beginners can make ₹200/hr while experienced makes around ₹500/hr. It doesn’t blocks you to earn even $1000/month, unless you are fit worthy. You can enrol yourself as an online tutor in these valuable websites cited below.

4. YouTube

YouTube is one of the best ways to cash in more, after having your videos achieved, a striking rate of subscribers and views. Persistence and content are the key to success in this realm. Youtubers earn $1 for 1000 views and for instance 1 Million views adds ₹70,000. By clicking Here, you can know more about ‘How to make Youtube videos and earn from it?’

5. Tasks/Surveys

It requires zero previous experiences and even a newbie can earn from this. Websites offer you cash or coupons just if you give them a quick survey, generally answers to questions. To click on for pays from surveys, you have to a good patient person, to attract the more appropriate surveys that suits you.You can earn a bit for referrals to your friends too. Earnings: Could get you $4000 – $5000/yearly with 20 cents to $5/survey. Kind enough as a side hustle.
Here are some notable sites offering pays for surveys:

6. Through Apps

Job: To finish the tasks, watch videos, take out surveys, play games. There are numerous apps that lets you earn money, confronting the tasks or others. Completing the tasks adds points to your account, wherein 1000 points equals ₹100. Earnings: Depends on how much time you engage in and the tasks provided. Here are some of the apps of the category:

  • Streetbees: This pays you for posting videos, pictures and completing the tasks.
  • CashNGifts
  • MiniJoy:

Intended to look more of the kind? Click here.

7. Through Amazon

The largest online platform of shopping also paves number of fortuities for earning. You can be Mechanical-Turk in Amazon, a job of mindless simple tasks such as, taking up surveys, data validation, transcription and so on. Amazon Merch is another worthy way to earn income by selling your designs (shirt/t-shirt designs, mainly). There are other ways to earn from Amazon. Know about it, here!


The cited fortuities above are just a part of that immense available on internet. If you had come across any other ways to earn income, kindly make note of it in the comments, for the additional benefits of the readers.

As mentioned in the bethink section, here is the work that renders money, usually in small amount on comparison to the efforts you put in, namely ‘online-recaptcha work’, in which you are paid for every 1000 recaptcha you make. Know more about it here and here! You can read more about the ways to earn money, by clicking here!

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