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Kissing is now possible in Metaverse that You can Feel with the Tech – Virtual Feeling

Upon the advent of Metaverse, the tech has been touted to wide-adaptation owing to its immersive visuals, diving us into a virtual world. And now, fortunately (or unfortunately), to add flavors to that, metaverse stepped feet ahead in making you feel sensations virtually in the dream-world too. Similar to ‘Chitti, the Robot got its emotions’.

The new technology of Metaverse lets you to feel the kissing virtually, as if you’re kissing a person in real-world and a lot more. So, you’ll be living in the dream, consciously.

A treat for (virtual) lovers & singles!

How that’s even possible?

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, have created a device that brings a feeling sensation to the mouth, lips and tongue, in and around. Pulling the kissing-tech into the virtual world, and to feel real, scientists have used a load of special ultrasonic transducers to an existing VR headset.

The ultrasonic transducers affixed to the bottom of the VR headsets, sends sound waves to and around the mouth and are capable of simulating swipes and vibrations, as said, in and around the mouth giving you the feel of every activity you do with your mouth.

These transducers are e-devices generating or sensing ultrasound energy, that hits air pressure waves on the skin creating different haptic sensations.

This allows a person in the metaverse to drink from a virtual water fountain, sip tea or coffee and even smoke a cigarette, without actually smoking it.

“Haptics boosts realism and immersion, and heightens user reactions,” researchers from Carnegie Mellon University said.

“Although we demonstrated a range of haptic effects, the vocabulary of sensations is still limited compared to that of the real world (a high bar)”.


Since, you couldn’t taste anything with metaverse (though a virtual-tasting device exist, it doesn’t yet come to metaverse), it’s difficult to interpret how the vibrations could make you feel so, until experiencing.

Seldom did they mention about kissing, however they did about various scenarios, such as a haunted adventure game with spiders. While playing a game with spiders, testers felt sensations on their lips as they walked through webs, creepy crawlers jumping at their face, and even a sensory feeling from exploding spiders when shooting them.

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The haptics associated here in the VR, appears to be quite possible to make you feel any kind of sensation when directed around your body. So, in future, VR could indeed proffer you the sensations of hugs, cuddles and a lot deep.

This isn’t the first time…

This isn’t the first time, researchers are exploring the tech, instead a startup called ‘Ultrahaptics’ has aimed to bring VR more engaging by using ultrasound waves letting you to feel the touch of virtual-objects.

Tom Carter, cofounder of Ultrahaptics and a computer science graduate student at the University of Bristol, says the startup’s technology could improve upon touch-free interfaces, such as those enabled by Microsoft’s Kinect, or Leap Motion’s device, by reflecting air pressure waves off the hand in a way that can create different sensations for each fingertip. “You actually feel like you’re interacting with a thing and getting immediate tactile feedback,” he says.

This further pushes the tech, that would make it working in reality to all anytime soon.

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