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China works on AI-powered ‘Invisible Missile Launchers’ for future warfares

Modern world allows nations to nourish its defense and attack systems in a more cunning manner, that leverages technology to build a wall simultaneously while seeking spaces around for missile-launches in warfares.

As many tech-equipment invaded into militaries, China takes a new dig of making ‘invisible’ missile launchers, that goes unnoticed by any detective mechanisms.

According to a report by South China Morning Post (SCMP), China is working on series of road-mobile missile launchers named “Dongfeng”, that’s invisible to drones, radars, and satellites, conferring it the ability to charge unnoticedly.

China’s ‘Dongfeng’ Missile

Dongfeng (DF) missiles of China are a class of ballistic missiles capable of targeting all type of ranges including intercontinental and have boosted China’s deterrence capability significantly.

Operated by Chinese People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force, the missiles are manufactured by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), a state-owned aerospace and defense organization.

One of those missiles named ‘DF-41’ gets ranked as the world’s deadliest intercontinental ballistic missiles by Military Today. The deadliest weapon could reach US in 20 to 25 minutes and create extremely devastating consequences by vanishing the entire country, as per the estimates. DF-41 indeed has a range of 12,000 kilometers (7450 miles).

AI-powered Missile Launcher

Yang Biwu, a PLA Rocket Force expert, compared the missiles and the launching platform to “bullets and a gun” and suggested that Beijing can look into the possibility of using the platform to provide itself with more options in the event of future conflict.

China’s adversaries will be left stranded to detect or locate its missile launchers on the battlefield in the future, according to a researcher who worked on DF-17 hypersonic missile. Capable of purportedly breaching US missile defenses, DF-17 (medium-range missile) is claimed to be the world’s first operational hypersonic glide vehicle weapon.

“Artificial intelligence technology would be used to make these missile launchers more tactical and invisible”, said Yang Biwu.

AI-Launchers being developed could evade detection from satellites and the infrared rays of radar and drones, turning the PLA’s missile systems into chameleon-like objects and keeping them hidden in any terrain.

China – A threat to World?

“Protecting troops and weapons is the top priority in all warfare situations, and especially given China’s ‘no first use’ nuclear policy, which requires better protection during preparation for a ‘second strike’,” he said.

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Means, China will only use its nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear strike against it, and it will never ignite them first. Almost all missiles of DF series are dual-capable, which could carry conventional and nuclear warheads.

In 2021, the US Department of Defense warned about the “growing threat the world faces” from China’s increasing nuclear arsenal. The warning came after satellite pictures revealed 230 silo-based ICBM launch sites in Gansu, Yumen and Hami, Xinjian.

What you think of China’s way of leveraging technology?

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