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Watch This Mechanical Keyboard that has a Huge Display & Computer inside it

It’s cool to have fancy gadgets that will do something extra from what they are supposed to do. That’s why the stuffs like Samsung’s Worklife Mouse and gaming headphones that scans brainwaves allures people a lot. And now, this mechanical keyboard appends to the club, as the keyboard features a huge screen under its keys which can play any photo or video through its app.

Stepping ahead from RGB Keyboards, the next-level of keyboard goes to PC accessory brand Finalmouse’s new glass mechanical keyboard featuring animated images playing under the transparent keycaps – perfect for gamers.

Glass Mechanical Keyboard – Centerpiece

Centerpiece – the mechanical keyboard has its own display that shows animated visuals using its own CPU and GPU. Yes, the keyboard has a tiny computer inside it, to power the display-screen, for not to depend on the connected system’s resources.

At its launch, Finalmouse showcased variety of interactive skins from swimming koi fish that swims away when you press a key, rippling water effect, spaceship blasting off, lion gazing, bouncing balls and so on. Currently, Centerpiece can store up to three designs where users can change the skin via its dedicated switch on the side of the keyboard’s edge. There’s also a brightness knob on its side for playing it on and off.

Interesting thing about Centerpiece is that it has its own app called “The Freethinker Portal” – Finalmouse’s Steam app through which artists can submit skins to play on the keyboard’s display and indeed have the option to monetize them. The skins are built using unreal engine 5, which is a real-time 3D creation tool.

The design on the top of the keyboard seems like a architectural carving in old temples. The skins of the keyboard can also be shared with friends via the app, Finalmouse says.

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Keys of the device are made of glass material which is a laminated display circuit glass stack over an aluminium chassis. Intricate details like exact size, brightness, resolution or refresh rate of the keyboard has yet to be launched by the company.

Centerpiece is also claimed to have a unique typing sound likely as ‘soft rain-drops’. Expected to launch in the early 2023, Centerpiece goes for $349 (₹29,000 approx.).

Will you buy one?

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