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World’s First Sea-to-Air Integrated Drone that works both in Air & Water – Like GTA Vehicle

Couple of different model drones have been in making and existence, like the mini drone, construction drone, four-rotor drone, six-rotor drone and so on. But this sea-to-air integrated drone is new of the kind in the drone technology, and performs the way that its name depicts.

Three Asian firms collaborate to design and build this Sea-to-Air integrated drone, aimed for maneuvering both in air and water, just like code-cheated GTA vehicle.

Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI, commercial drone manufacturer prodrone, and underwater robotics firm QYSEA have joined hands to create the world’s first commercial drone that can both fly in the air and swim underwater. First unveiled during a flight showcase at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Amusement Park in Yokohama, Japan, the ‘sea-air integrated drone’ intends to modernize offshore and marine operations with its ingenious capabilities, high efficiency, and minimized manpower requirements.

As the functionality of the drone has to deal with two different environments (sea and air), the joint collaboration made this breakthrough in drone-tech initiated by KDDI, leading a new path toward sustainable ocean economies and carbon neutrality.

Working of the ‘Sea-Air Integrated Drone’

Bringing out the essence of collaboration, commercial drone manufacturer ProDrone supplied inputs for the airborne vehicle while QYSEA’s made its underwater drone connected to the electric winch on the drone. The QYSEA’s underwater drone – called ‘FIFISH Pro V6 Plus ROV’ is ferried through the air in a quick release cage. Once the aerial drone managed a water landing, the FIFISH is released and begins to perform its assigned task.

Defined by KDDI’s long-range mobile communication technology, operators can control the drone via remote from long distance ranges, whether the drone has submerged underwater or taken flight. Once the drone has landed in its designated location, the FIFISH ROV detaches and deploys to get to work, allowing the operator to remotely control the drone with the ROV from a safe distance. Seems like a Marvel movie, right? Well, the tech has developed!

Elaborating the drone’s remote-controlled operations, the team at QYSEA notes,

“Without the need to leave their onshore working location, the operator can deliver inspections with real-time visual feedback and operate through underwater environments with a variety of sampling, measurement, and manipulation tools, as well as be able to live-stream operations for multi-person collaborations.”

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The FIFISH ROV can dive up to 500 feet (150m) depth and comes with six degrees of freedom allowing the operator to achieve any angle of movement as required. Equipping distance and altitude lock systems, the drone aids in adapting to unpredictable environments too, according to the press release.

As they were able to make a drone of the kind, no wonder future might bring you a vehicle of that kind, enabling you to travel both in land & in water, just like Amir Khan’s Dhoom-3 vehicle!

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