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Samsung unveiled a Mouse that doesn’t let you to work after working hours

Samsung innovated a new mouse that won’t let you work after your working hours, runs around the table from being caught by you.

Maintaining a good work-life balance is such a hectic task now, after the pandemic as work started to interfere into the personal life demanding for prolonged hours in the name of ‘work from home’, which had raised concern across the world. A 2021 survey from Statista shows that roughly 37 percent of the female professions in India confessed they wanted to quit their current job due to poor work-life balance. The proportion of male was slightly lower to around 28 percent.

Samsung, taking this in hand, innovated a mouse that runs from its place, not letting you to work after your working yours, allowing you to have a smooth work-life balance. The idea of the mouse is to promote a better work environment, by making workers stick to the office hours.

Samsung had shared a video of the mouse on its YouTube page, where a young man is seen working in the office, presumably long after the office hours. As his office hours are over, the mouse runs away from being caught by the man; the mouse swifts quick, as he tries to catch the mouse.

Unlike ordinary mouses, the design of this mouse resembles that of a real one, having ears on its side and looking cute.

Samsung said that this creative mouse detects hand movement and the wheels come out and it runs away. The video shows the man trying to forcibly grab the mouse, but the mouse seems to have solutions for all these tricks. Finally, even when he gets hold of the mouse, the wheels separate from and its central component ejects. The man is left with only the upper shell of the mouse, which will obviously not be able to work alone.

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The mouse had not yet reached the markets, as it is in the concept phase and Samsung targets South Korea, since people tend to work exhaustedly in the country. However, the mouse will be reachable all over the world. Would you buy one?

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