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How to share posts only to your Close friends in Instagram?

Instagram now lets you to share posts and videos that’s visible only to your chosen close friends to make your account more private.

Instagram is loaded with tons of feature but the app keeps on updating it, as the users’ stated and unstated needs and wants changes often. One such newly added feature by Instagram is making our posts/reels visibility only to our close friends list.

Here is how you can share the posts visible only to your close friends.

1. Select the ‘create’ option (plus icon) at the bottom-centre of the Instagram homepage.

2. Select the type of content you are going to post.

3. Click on next button at the top right corner and then edit the contents by adding filters and sounds.

4. Now click on the Audience section.

5. Select the ‘Close friends’ options. You can also edit the close friends by selecting the people button below ‘Close friends’ text.

6. Click the share button at the top right corner after adding some caption for the posts.

This seems to be a great privacy feature which will enable us to maintain the professional and personal space in a comfortable manner without the need to change the account type. It will be helpful for influencers or Instagram-bloggers to enjoy a private space, even while using a professional account.

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