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Reliance Jio plans for “Cloud Laptop” which costs ₹15,000 only: What are they?

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India’s Reliance Jio aims to launch an affordable “Cloud Laptop” by offering cloud-based services in the laptop, thus bringing down a ₹50,000 laptop to just ₹15,000.

Reliance Jio expands its territory delving deep into digital world, rolling out many services and products in the sector, including cheapest 4G phone, Jio Fiber, Jio Glass, and now a cloud laptop. Jio and Google was seen working on a smartphone before, in the view of bringing internet connectivity to every nook and corner of India, to all level of population.

A subsequent attempt of making people access to digital world, is via its cost-effective ₹16,499 laptop, which it launched earlier this year. Now, Jio takes a step further by providing a subscription-based laptop-services, which works on cloud technology, connecting to Jio Cloud for proffering services, as per reports by ET.

What is Jio’s Cloud Laptop?

Reliance Jio’s Jio Cloud Laptop is a “dumb terminal”, or a device through which users access all the storage and processing by connecting it to Jio Cloud. This will help slash the cost of ownership from roughly ₹50,000 at present while allowing users to access all the services at a fast speed.

The laptop lacks its usual hardware parts like memory, processing power, and chipset etc. Instead, the whole processing of the laptop will happen at the back end in the Jio Cloud. By doing this, Jio significantly cuts down the laptop price and indeed it also helps in having a better battery power.

According to sources, trials are ongoing on HP chromebook for the proposed cloud PC. Jio plans to offer a monthly subscription for the cloud PC, and users may have to pay for accessing the laptop’s computing power, in simple words.

“We will give a laptop of HP for ₹15,000 with the Jio Cloud. You have a dumb terminal, you use it like a normal laptop but all your memory, processing, etc. which is adding to the cost, is stored in the cloud. The same laptop can be used by multiple people with personalized services,” said the official.

The firm is in talks with manufacturers such as HP, Acer and Lenovo to launch the laptop in the country. Jio’s Cloud PC software can also be installed in any desktop or even a smart TV to access computing features, which makes it feasible to many people.

Applications & Pricing

The pricing for required enough features will come bundled with it, while more specialized features might have an additional price. “The cost of licensing can be lower as the same PC can be used my multiple people of a family with their personalized logins, instead of having two-three devices,” an official familiar with the resources said. The price of the laptop will be around ₹15,000.

Jio Cloud laptop targets for employees of companies, with hybrid work-culture. As companies want a secure environment for its data assets, Jio Cloud laptop might be a solution, as it provides digital services with same level of security, and since everything is stored and processed in the cloud, not in individual laptops. Jio eyes to conquer this digital market first with this product.

Jio also steps onto other sub-fields of technology, innovating new products like Jio Laptop, Jio Glass; extending the broadband facilities across India; and with its Jio Space Fiber, a satellite-based internet connection.

While there are 330 million homes in India, there are only 35 million wired broadband subscribers, and Jio wants to seize the opportunity of bringing internet-connectivity to those homes which are in short of it.

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