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Norway offers free College courses, also for overseas students – Everything to know about

Norway, a stunning country mapped in northern Europe, not just overwhelms travelers by its naturistic scenery but also allures students across the globe, for one core basis, the country offering tuition-fees free education in college, for both inland and overseas students.

Rendering free education doesn’t compromise the quality, affirms the students of Norway’s 2nd best institution ‘University of Bergen’.

Norway’s free College education

Public Universities in Norway, counting to 27, do not charge students tuition fees, regardless of the student’s country of origin. This is a unique opportunity for teens in the globe to graduate under no cost but with quality education. Universities in Norway makes available thousands of courses, half the count for masters. For instance, University of Oslo provides 800 courses, in which around 40 are masters.

Courses include humanities & aesthetic studies, medicine, mathematics, natural science, law, technical subjects, theology, social science and psychology, besides fine art, music and design courses.Find the list of all courses available in Norway’s Top University, here!

High Quality Education

Norway clears out the popular misconception that free education would compromise the quality of learning offered. The universities in Norway assure for a high-quality education. University of Oslo ranking 56 in the World as the best college & 30 in quality of education pays justice to the sub-heading.
(If you think 56 & 30 are too far in ranking, none of Indian Universities list up in first 300.)

Quality Education goes in hand with satisfaction of studies, enchants students of Norway. For example, University of Bergen awarded an “Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award”, reviewed from 16,000 overseas tutees of the college. Colleges in Norway also gives you a pleasant & elegant mountain-view scenery, says this Spanish origin student of Norway, Artur Rubinat Lacuesta.

Read the comments of students praising the university in Norway:

“The spectacular natural environment in Norway piqued my curiosity as a biologist” – Aurélien Delaval, master’s programme in biology

“I love that Bergen is so clean and green. You don’t have to travel to experience nature and mountains.” – Iryna Kryvko, master’s programme in public administration

Norway’s Free Education

Universities in Norway are public funded nationally, meaning the college expenditures like teachers, researchers & professors’ salary, other expenses are met out with the funds collected by the government. This makes the country to provide equal quality education to all people, unlike U.S & India wherein region decides the Quality & other criteria of education.

Universities though, collect small amount of fare about $50- $100, prescribed as semester registration fees which the students have to pay for each semester. The Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen) uses this fee to provide student welfare measures such as affordable accommodation, health care, sports activities, climbing clubs and a wide range of social events for students. At last, the fee gets returned in form of services provided – seems so.

Why education is free in Norway?

How come a country offer free education, even for overseas students?

First of all, Norway sees just 14% of students from least educated family background joining college & only 58% of students from well-educated family background join college. Taking in hand, Government of Norway in plans to promote the native schooling students to pursue college implements free education in the country.

The reason for the mass students doesn’t paying attention in joining college is that the idea of equitable society and the socioeconomic status, where students are considered as adults & independent of their parents.

And the wages remain high for blue-collar occupations and Norwegians can get jobs more quickly and earn almost as much money, working as plumbers or electricians, unlike other countries, wherein even engineer-graduates are jobless.

But why for overseas too?

One of the main intellects to attract foreign students/people in the country is their low population, which accounts only 54,65,630 (as of 2021), whereas their area of land sums to 385,207, having just 15 people in a square kilometre area. Maybe this could be a valid view-point for Norway government welcoming foreigners to stay in their country.

Norway spaces for 16.8% of immigrants of the total population of the country. University of Bergen alone includes overseas tutees from 100 different countries.

Percentage of immigrants in Norway is more than that of U.S (13.7%), which has the greatest number of immigrants in the World.

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Cost of living in Norway

Norway is slightly expensive than United States, while comparing the cost of living between the countries. Though the costs are little bit hiked, tuition-free education compensates the price of living, says majority of overseas graduates in Norway.

Check out the admission process in the Top university of Norway, here!

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