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This Boston’s Dog-like Robot could do more than you think!

Committed to developing autonomous robotic companions for humans, Boston Dynamics excels in the field via its dog-like Spot robot & its human-like Atlas. Most of you might had met those robots in social media, as their dancing videos hopped around in internet. Not just dancing, but Spot is capable & equipped with dozens of features to do dozens of activities in real life. Have a gaze of what all Spot could do, in this article.

Spot Robot

Designed primarily for industrial assistance, Spot is a 4-legged dog-like robot with a rigid body and having a capability to mount additional structures & features. Spot is programmed to automatically sense & inspect firstly besides being a companion, thus employed in industries more as an inspecting agent & defect finding abettor, moreover like pooches in homes.

“Spot is an agile mobile robot that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture safely, accurately, and frequently”.

Unknown fire accidents or thefts in homes & industries are now, not a knot of investigation; Spot’s stereo cameras having 360 deg perception, can record your surroundings endlessly, thanks to its limitless data storage.

This is how, Spot sits & charges itself!

Carrying upto 14kg of load, Spot can navigate around in all types of terrains, gravel, grass, curbs and stairs. Not just that, but also balance dynamically in uncertain surroundings with on-load indeed. And dance too.

Watch Spot dancing!

With its arm, it can hold, pick & manipulate any small sized product & fetch the tasks easier.

Spot connects with a tablet application featuring you to control it & monitor the tasks remotely. And now, with an extra-arm, Spot can do endless tasks just like humans.

Watch Spot doing tasks with his arm!

Versatile Applications of Spot in Real World

Site Documentation – Pomerleau, a construction firm based in Canada integrates Spot to manage & document a 50,000 sqft. project & saves 20 hours of employee time per week.

TeleMedicine – Brigham & Women’s hospital Conduct virtual patient interviews or deliver medicine and food by mounting a tablet and other equipment on Spot.

Site Scanning & Digital imaging – FARO (3D Measurement & Imaging firm) & Trimble (construction firm) conforms Spot to automate site scanning & easily identify reworks.

Leak detection, noise anomaly detection, thermal inspection, gas detection, radiation detection & tunnel inspection are some more works that Spot is capable of ruling out.

Further leeway for the robot is its flexibility to be customized, via programming based on one’s own use in its disposed SDK (software development kit). This means, you can program the robotic dog as per your wish and need to do tasks. It also has ports waiting to carry payloads.

This hikes the price of the tech-dog to $74,500 (Rs.54,28,075).

With You, Spot can…!

Watch Spot & Atlas dancing for New Year!

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