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7 Futuristic Jobs you will be doing!

Getting recruited nowadays becomes challenging as COVID-19 impact made it intricate to be so. On a different perspective, however, the pandemic along with the changing world taking climate-change as the foremost concern, the work field had yielded a number of new jobs, in which one in 20 individuals could be working for, in future.

Work from home Facilitator

The new normal that has been in practice since the pandemic is ‘work from home’. Though being criticized at first, pointing out the lack of time-boundness for working at home, employees have now welcoming work-from-home mode. Data Survey reveals that more than 50% of Indians prefer work-from-home and people wanting to continue working from home for at least two days / week, exceeds 83%.

Post the pandemic, although restrictions ease, work-from-home might be inevitable.

This creates a lot for a facilitator-job, for ensuring that work-from-home pacifies the employees’ as well as organization’s expectation.

About the role & responsibilities: A work-from-home facilitator must ensure that every remote employee has the technology they need to do their very best work.

Skills required: This role demands tech-savvy, the ability to oversee organization-wide integration projects, an excellent understanding of the digital technology market (VR and AR), strong interdepartmental collaboration skills, and the ability to assess, select, and budget for new digital communication tools.

Cyber calamity forecaster

As made evident by the exponential growth in cyber threats, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand and predict cyber conditions of the near-to-distant future, so that governments, industries, societies and individuals can better protect themselves and become more resilient.

The cyber calamity forecaster’s primary task will be to monitor, detect and forecast cyber threats, and predict their impact.

The forecaster will distinguish between highly improbable and wildly impossible cyber outliers, as well as accurately map cyber uncertainties and make predictions to prepare for their occurence.


To perform quick-looks and assessments to determine the potential for impacts to physical infrastructure, individuals and businesses and recommend changes dictated by advances in cyber tactics and technologies.

Develop and monitor an AI cyber calamity system to analyze and evaluate cyber data, prepare forecast reports and take required actions.

Since the job is vital in preventing cyber-attacks, skills like machine-learning, statistics or related discipline, capability to interpret complex data are listed out as essentials for the position.

Smart Home design manager

The vibe of Smart home technology increases over years, creating a new role who designs the interiors for the tech. Connecting devices across your home in an aesthetical and user-friendly manner drives a need for tech-aspirant, probably well versed in handling and maneuvering the smart-home.

Smart home design managers will work directly with clients, either remotely or in-person, to realize their smart, connected home utopia. They indeed have to work remotely with the latest CAD and imaging software to deliver design services to geographically dispersed clients and project-manage all stages of smart-home integration throughout the production cycle of a residence.

Smart home design managers will stay up to date on the latest technological trends in the industry and will find novel ways of integrating this technology for maximum impact, with a blend of both traditional and contemporary style projects.

As dealing with homes, the managers would also require architectural exposure and experience.

Vertical farm consultant

Guessing the title, the role might have hint in your brain. Vertical farming, as the demand for fresh agricultural goods hikes with issues of reduced land space, provides a valid solution, as the field addresses on stabilizing localized farming with aeroponic systems, that grow food in controlled environments, unhindered by the impacts of global warming, while using a fraction of the water required by traditional farms.

Vertical farming, therefore pushes the need of a consultant, who will democratize the technology behind this and foster community in neighborhoods through food. The role person has to acknowledge techs like artificial intelligence and agri-tech, as sound vertical farming calls for them.

Instances might had crossed around in lockdown, where people started cultivating a mini-farm in their terrace. Future will bring a shortage of food, due to which researchers are now examining the ways to harvest it, and lab-grown food and vertical farming forms the outset.

Business-Robot-Customer Marketing manager

Business transaction types are changing, and with that comes new managerial roles. Business-to-Robot-to-Consumer (B2R2C) will change the marketplace for reaching consumers. B2R2C is the idea that marketing “is changing as voice assistants, Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones, and digital avatars become the gatekeepers between brands and consumers.”

In the not so distant future, B2R2C marketing managers will reach customers through robots. B2R2C marketing managers will do this by cultivating relationships with robot gatekeepers (and the companies that build them). Voice assistant robots are becoming more important than ever. 

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are two examples of voice assistants normalized in the home. At its 2020 Worldwide Developer conference, Apple announced that Siri is getting a significant makeover, and voice seems to be more critical than ever.

In fact, companies like Burger king, Xbox, Sony and Microsoft decides advertising in your dreams too, levelling up the marketing strategy.


Manage all new product and messaging development for robotic consumption

Manage relationships with key voice assistant partners

Assist in the development of robotic and voice assistant marketing strategies, drive execution of brand marketing initiatives

Requisite skills for this includes certified in at least one of the voice assistant technologies, experience with robotic and AI and a good conceptualization in marketing, besides human-computer interaction and passion for emerging technologies.

Virtual Couture Designer

Fashion & Design is glooming up than ever, as TikTok & instagram-reels paves direct and intriguing effects into people to indulge more into the field of fashion, demanding popularity.

Cosmetic & beauty-related firms envisioned the future and the result is virtual or augmented design of products facilitated by online business.

Likely as IKEA, which released an app that makes you to choose the best furniture for your home with augmented-reality tech, companies have started featuring clothes and wearables, which could be virtually viewed on the smartphone.

About the Role:

The person will be responsible for creating innovative virtual couture. Companies looking for someone who enjoys fashion and working in a team to create beautiful, digital fashion design.

The job demands for certain skills that includes degree in human-computer intervention, graphic design or equivalent experience, certified Google Tiltbrush Fashion Suite, besides a passion for fashion.

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Personal Brain trainer

Emerging researches in brain-computer interface, like the kind of Elon Musk’s Neuralink, puts forth cajoling the need for it, claiming to have immense value, both medical and technological, in future.

The recent feat of the brain-computer interface being possible to decode the mind-written letters of a paralysed man onto a computer screen, has created an ‘awe’ response for the techies.

As the cited interface might be the most-talked UI in future, this paves a way for a brain-trainer role, who watches your brainwaves, scrutinizes it and evolve out with greater intellectual proposals or simply suggestions to upgrade the existing way of thinking.

This person will help people with disabilities or unique brain challenges to learn and use brain-computer interfaces to help them lead their preferred life. 

Neuroleet, a gaming headset, which could analyze your brainwaves, also posed that it could improve individual’s brain power via its suggestions on areas to focus on, after analyzing your weak-points from brainwaves.


  • Determine the best brain-computer interface device based on the client’s needs
  • Train and work with clients to master their brain-computer interface device
  • Research and stay current on new BCI’s coming to market


  • Degree in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Engineering or equivalent experience
  • Working knowledge of a variety of BCIs such as Neurable, NextMind, Neurosity, and CRTL-Labs

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