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Is it Possible to Unblock Yourself in WhatsApp? – Yes!

WhatsApp has made chatting with friends and family to a funnier, interactive and easiest way, that it’s not quite possible to spend the day without checking the app. Though, the app entails connecting and strengthening your relationships, certain feature like ‘blocking’ in the app put a period to your relationships, biasing on one person’s wish. It is possible to unblock yourself from any of the person’s WhatsApp by following a simple trick, however. Well, you need to sacrifice a bit for that or maybe not.

Here is how you can do it..

How to Unblock Yourself in WhatsApp?

There doesn’t exist a straight way to unblock yourself in WhatsApp, but the below mentioned two indirect ways allows you to connect with the person who blocked you. While the first-one needs forfeiture to a little, the second one allows oneself to connect with the blocked-by person, but only the messaging part is permitted, constraining to view the status or profile-picture.

The first way of doing so, is by ‘Deleting your WhatsApp account and registering again with the same number’.

Method 1: Delete Your WhatsApp account & Register Again

  • Go to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.
  • Enter your Country-code and Phone Number and tap ‘Delete My Account’.
  • Your account is deleted now & now you may have to uninstall WhatsApp.
  • After uninstalling, restart your phone.
  • Then, again start out fresh by reinstalling WhatsApp from the playstore (android) / Appstore (iOS).
  • Register with your Mobile number.
  • This sets you free, unlocking yourself from all the chats that blocked you previously.

Cons of doing this

As told earlier, there are few sacrifices one has to make that goes like this:

  • Your chat-backup will be deleted so you can’t retrieve the chats.
  • You will be removed from all of the groups that you were previously in.
  • All your payment histories that you made from the app will be deleted.

If and only if, connecting with the blocked-by persons is important than losing your whole WhatsApp chats and groups, then you may go by this method.

Method 2: Creating a Group with your blocked-by person

This way of lets you to message to that person but restricts by only messaging to that person, viewing their profile-picture or statuses are not possible.

It doesn’t a series of steps to be done, but requires another number which is already registered in WhatsApp and is not blocked by the same person.

Via this new number’s WhatsApp (may it be your friend’s or family member’s) create a group adding the blocked-by person and your mobile number and leave the group.

This creates a chat with your mobile and the person who blocked you in the form of ‘group’.

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  • This would intimate the mate who blocked you, that you had cunningly formed a chat with him/her.
  • Only chatting is enabled.

The second methodology is best suitable for those who wants to confess something, or wishing to unclear the situation that is misunderstood or the likely happenings. Good luck!

Probably, WhatsApp should have to look into this issue and settle things down by adding a feature that allows oneself to unblock by just tap of a button. At least, an option of letting to see the profile-picture and view the status alone.😅

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