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Apple “Back to University” Student discount – Here is How much you’ll Save

Apple Student discount

Apple brings back its student discount – “Back to University” for students and educational staffs, with exciting price-cuts for variety of its products.

“Back to University” campaign of Apple offers discounts for range of its products including iPads, MacBooks, Macs and its other accessories like Apple Pencil, keyboard and more. On purchase of MacBooks, Macs and Mac mini, Apple gives away its AirPods for free under this campaign.

Students who are currently enrolled in university, parents of college students, teachers and staffs at any educational institution are eligible for this Back to University offers. The offers are valid from June 22 to October 2 of 2023 in Apple’s online website as well as physical Apple stores.

I had compared the prices with its discounts for all range of products to tabulate how much you’ll save if you purchase Apple products under this campaign.

Check how to avail “Apple Student discounts” at the end of this page.

iPad – Student Discounts

Apple iPads have 7-9% discounts, saving you from ₹2,000 to ₹10,000 based on the models. Purchasing iPad under this campaign will also get you discounts for Apple Pencil, costing it only at ₹8,490, down from ₹11,500. However, buying Apple Pencil separately will not get you any discounts.

ModelRetail PriceDiscounted Price You Save
iPad – 9th Gen₹33,900₹31,900₹2,000
iPad – 10th Gen₹44,900₹41,900₹3,000
iPad Pro – 11-inch₹81,900₹76,900₹5,000
iPad Pro – 12.9-inch₹1,12,900₹1,02,900₹10,000
iPad Air – 5th Gen₹59,900₹54,900₹5,000
iPad Mini₹49,900₹44,900₹5,000

MacBook – Student Discounts

Apple Back to University offer for Macs

Buying MacBook with your dedicated student ID will save-in a lot of money for you. Apple provides a considerable 10% discounts (approx.) for its MacBooks, where you can save ₹10,000 to ₹30,000. Further, owning any MacBook within the offer-period will get you free AirPods (2nd Gen) that’s worth ₹14,900. Scroll down below for detailed discounts on AirPods.

Here are the details on MacBook discounts for students & educational professionals.

ModelRetail PriceDiscounted Price You Save
MacBook Air – 13”, M1 chip₹99,900₹89,900₹10,000
MacBook Air – 13”, M2 chip₹1,14,900₹1,04,900₹10,000
MacBook Air – 15”, M2 chip₹1,34,900₹1,24,900₹10,000
MacBook Pro – 13”₹1,29,900₹1,19,900₹10,000
MacBook Pro – 14”₹1,99,900 – ₹3,09,900₹1,84,900 – ₹2,79,900₹15,000 – ₹30,000
MacBook Pro – 16”₹2,49,900 – ₹3,49,900₹2,29,900 – ₹3,19,900₹20,000 – ₹30,000

Macs – Student Discounts

Apple also covers Macs under this program, cutting down its cost by ₹5,000 to ₹10,000. Plus, you get an AirPods (2nd Gen) for free, that’s worth ₹14,900 and huge discounts for its other AirPods.

ModelRetail PriceDiscounted Price You Save
Mac Mini₹59,900₹49,900₹10,000
iMac₹1,29,900 – ₹1,69,900₹1,24,900 – ₹1,59,900₹5,000 – ₹10,000


Apple announces free AirPods (2nd Gen) under this “Back to University” program and huge discounts for its other variants. But there’s a catch. Apple doesn’t offer discounts for AirPods separately, but with only on purchase of either MacBooks or Mac or Mac mini. So, you can’t purchase AirPods directly with this student discount eligibility.

However, if you are considering buying any MacBooks or Macs along with AirPods, you’ll save a lot with this back to university program. Here is how much offer Apple provides for AirPods in MacBook/iMac-cum-AirPods purchase.

ModelRetail PriceDiscounted Price You Save
AirPods 2nd Gen₹14,9000Free
AirPods 3rd Gen – Lightning Charging₹19,900₹5,000₹14,900
AirPods 3rd Gen – Magsafe Charging₹20,900₹6,000₹14,900
AirPods Pro₹26,900₹12,000₹14,900

Apple also provides 3 month free Apple Music service along with Apple AirPods.

Searching for How to Avail this Apple Student Discount / Eligibility / other details ? Check out here.


What products are available at discounts under “Back to University” campaign of Apple?

All variants of iPads, MacBooks, iMac and Mac Mini are available at discounted prices under Apple’s Back to University program.

Does Apple provide discounts for AirPods for students?

There’s no discount for direct purchase of AirPods, but Apple provides discounts for AirPods only if you purchase any MacBook or iMac.

Does Apple provide discounts for Apple Pencil for students?

There’s no discount for direct purchase of Apple Pencil, but Apple provides discounts for it only if you purchase any iPad.

How much discount does Apple provide under its “Back to University” program?

Apple discounts for students varies according to products. For iPads it offers discounts up to ₹10,000 while for MacBooks, it offers up to ₹30,000 discounts.

Does Apple provide student discount for iPhones in “Back to University” campaign?

No. iPhones are not included for the back to university campaign.

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