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10 Most Effective Ways to use ChatGPT to get the Best out of AI, including Money-making & Career-guidance

OpenAI‘s language model ChatGPT which got released last year is bounded with so much of potentialities that will not just be informational or educative, but also lucrative and psychological. Here is the 10 most effective ways to get advantage of using ChatGPT for your benefits.

Writing tool – Resume building, Mails & Blogs

The most productive way of using the ChatGPT or generative AI is asking it to write something for you. As these AI platforms can generate quality texts, you can leverage it to seem smart and rich in words and knowledge. Companies like CNET are considering deploying the AI for article writing, replacing employees. And you too can make use of the AI to create articles. You can also ask for a cover letter for a job or tips to improve your resume.


  • Write me a resignation mail to the HR, that I got a well-paying job. Also, be manipulative of asking a salary-rise in the mail to stay in the company.
  • I am looking for a developer role in ‘xxxx company’ as a fresher. I have the required certifications for the job. Write me a cover letter for the job.
  • Say few points about Google’s quantum-computing achievements for a blog.

Summarizing for Key takeaways

Asking AI to summarize a long paragraph without leaving the key-points could effectively save you much of your time. ChatGPT can comprehend long text pages in few seconds, including all the keywords in the summarized form. This way, you can study for the exams much quickly at the last minute, grabbing all the important points.

You can also suggest the AI to read a journal or articles that’s not easily understandable to you and ask for a simplified form of the journal or articles.

About Making Money – Financials

Lucrative way of using the AI is to get help from it regarding the financials – how to make money online, best ways to invest the money safely, high return investment ideas in your country and more.

As ChatGPT can surf the internet with possibly the best ideas and tips, it can get you whatever way you like to earn money through. You can also ask for tax-saving tips, specific to your country.

Ironically, you can also put this question to it: “how to make money using ChatGPT?”

But, kindly ensure that the language model may insist the same to all users, so be sure of applying the ChatGPT’s answers to your real life, when it comes to financials. You can ask for general knowledge-related financial queries and tips, but avoid applying its answers to questions like “What are the high ROI companies to invest my $100,000 in US” or “Should I hold the stock for years or sell it?”, in your life.

Get Brainstorming Ideas

When you are looking for productive and profitable ideas for business, or ideas when you are stuck into something or even if it’s something for impressing your girlfriend, ChatGPT will give you the answers, without judging you.

This might be useful for youtubers or content-creators, as they can ask for content creating ideas to grab the attention of viewers.

ChatGPT can generate surprising content ideas for you. One Northwestern fan had ChatGPT generate a two-minute stand-up comedy set content!


  • Suggest me five interesting tech content to create a YouTube video.
  • I know to write skillfully. How can I earn money out of my skill?
  • How to impress my girlfriend for her birthday? Suggest me ideas that doesn’t cost too much of money.

In Coding

The profoundness of ChatGPT is its ability to master in variety of stuffs, more than writing, to even code. Yes, ChatGPT knows expert-level coding and can help you in any problem or indeed from scratch. No matter how skilled a human is in coding, one may be hindered with errors and bugs that oneself needs sites like Stack Overflow for assistance. ChatGPT will be your new assistance in finding errors in your code.

Just type the error occurred and if any other basic details to it, to get the fixings.

You may also use the ChatGPT to build an entire website from scratch. This is brilliant and surprising. In an incident, OpenAI’s President Greg Brockman asked the AI to write a code for his website for the idea sketched on a napkin. AI in response, built a fully functional website as prescribed within 15 minutes, that would’ve taken over 30 minutes for an expert-coder.

SEO for your Website

SEO is one of the most vital processes of improving your website (blog / personal / ecommerce) to increase its visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, based on user keywords. SEO involves set of practices that had to be made in a website to rank it higher in the search engines ultimately for driving more traffic.

While, it’s a tedious process requiring keyword research, technical SEO, content strategy and ranking, ChatGPT can step in, assisting in finding you perfect keywords that’s suitable for your website. ChatGPT can also provide you tips about how to improve SEO in your website.

Use ChatGPT as a Tutor

Users can ask any doubts regarding the subject to the AI, no matter how complicated it is. ChatGPT’s latest version GPT-4, which users can access in its premium version or in Bing browser, can even answer physics and mathematical problems, step by step like a tutor, this picture by OpenAI, shows.

Get prompts to create AI Art

Albeit ChatGPT can’t generate pictures for you, it can help you generate one for you. Midjourney, a well-versed AI-image generator is an excellent tool to let your ideas flow through for creating realistic images. The image-generating AI platform needs prompts to be fed to render pictures, which is where ChatGPT can help you. ChatGPT generates a handful of Midjourney prompts based on your keyword, on what type of content you want.

Robot as a Tutor

In fact, we created the featured image & the image above (robot as a tutor) using Midjourney.

As a Traveling agent

We may be confused about where and what to explore in places during our vacation times. Though we might get the places to visit in google or any other search engine, sometimes we need more information that it like –

  • when is the perfect time to go to a specific location,
  • how to plan accordingly for a two-day trip, so you don’t miss the important places to visit in the city or
  • Places based on your preference and adventure, or something else that only a traveling agent might help you.

ChatGPT can be your traveling agent too. You can ask the AI to plan for your two-day or three-day trip to your favorite place, based on your choices of exploring – whether it should be adventurous or trekking or relaxing or devotional.

Career Guidance

People may sometimes find it difficult to know what they like, what their passion is, and what should they be doing rather working for a corporate for money. This happens when one did not have enough career guidance or knowledge about turning their passion into money. You may need this ‘ikigai principle of Japanese’, if you want to know more about leading a better life.

With ChatGPT, you can interact to, saying what you like to do, where lies your passion and how can you monetize your idea or dream or passion. This will be quite helpful for students.

Bonus – Personal Questions

Inspite of being an AI, ChatGPT can be conversative about love, life, family, friends and other personal stuffs that you are struggling with. You can talk to the AI as your friend, asking suggestions to solve your problem in your personal life. You can also try this GitaGPT, which provides you answers for problems with life lessons from Hinduism’s Bhagavad Gita.

There are still many ways to use the AI for our own benefits, but these 10 ways will be the best that saves so much of time while doing our tasks. For spicing it up a little, I had asked ChatGPT for the best ways to exploit it, and it had given this:

Effective ways of Using ChatGPT, told by ChatGPT itself.

Leverage the technology & AI for a good purpose. Here is the link to try ChatGPT.

Drop the comments about your experience with ChatGPT..

Hope the page was useful!

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