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10 Most Useful AI Websites that Ease your Work

Advancements in technology simplified the path of doing a work, and when it comes to AI, the effect is profound and instantaneous. Editing a photo for hours, spending lot of time on content creation, writing – all are now gone after the advent of artificial intelligence. AI Websites and applications now ease the process effectively both on time and quality.

It’s a must now to know the existence of these AI-powered websites that would be beneficial for mastering your work. Here are 10 most useful AI websites you should know…


ChatGPT 3

OpenAI’s “ChatGPT-3” is an AI-powered chatbot, developed to respond to people’s questions with conversational answers as humans chat with one another. The bot is designed to be fluid enough of being able to converse as humans to the users explaining anything in an understandable way or ‘descriptive’ manner. This excites users around the world to try the AI as it can compare thermodynamic question with a real-life experience or anything you ask for and elaborate it intelligibly. Read more about ChatGPT here.

ChatGPT is made available to everyone and you can test out the model by heading here.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded is a great tool that equips AI to analyze and assess one’s resume and gives feedback in just 30 seconds. Ideally beneficially for job-seekers, Resume Worded will skim through your resume and provide valuable suggestions on all key aspects in your resume. It estimates how well the resume will perform in the recruiters’ table and also lists the corrections you should make in your resume.

The tool also checks your LinkedIn profile and proffers rectifications for befitting you amidst the masses.


Runway makes content-creation tasks such as video-editing, image editing, green screen, etc., easy and time efficient by deploying AI. Dozens of AI-powered creative tools in the site will help you to ideate, generate and edit content like never before. The AI-website offers features like video-editing, motion tracking, text-to-image, image-to-image generation, frame interpolation, and more.

Runway is free for first 3 projects and has plans starting at $12 / month. A better platform for thousands of content-creators out there.


Jasper is an AI technology-based tool that helps professionals automate their blog posts and articles. It can write content for you at scale so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Formerly known as, The Jasper has plenty of inbuilt tools that one can use to generate different kinds of content pieces in just a few minutes. It allows you to give commands to its AI writer to get content that is of better quality and more accurate.

One of the best things about this tool is that it can help you with several tasks, such as developing blog posts, articles, social media posts, website content, Linkedin posts, Youtube script, and even a creative story. In addition, they have recently released a chrome plugin that is easy to integrate with google docs and WordPress websites.

Watermark remover

Another friendly tool for content-creators and for project works, where you need to import stock-images but want to get rid of the watermarks on the pictures, is this watermark remover. Watermark Remover works instantly removing the watermarks on images in seconds, rendering you a fresh image, suitable for your works.

The platform is free and also has an app available in Google Play Store.

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Reface AI

ReFace AI

Reface AI is a fun-kind-of platform where you can swap faces to your choices, making the content comical and hilarious. The face-swapping app available in Play Store and App store allows oneself to create personalized content for sharing it in social-media or with friends.

It could also be useful for YouTubers, as it creates eye-catchy clips, where you can insert any famous celebrities face for fun.

Otter AI

With, you can generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other essential voice conversations using your AI-powered assistant. is a Los Altos, California-based technology company that develops speech-to-text transcription applications using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its software, called Otter, shows captions for live speakers and generates written transcriptions of the speeches.

You may start using Otter for free as an individual; however, the premium version is only $8.33 per month. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try.


Genei – AI Research tool

Genei is a research and in-site googling tool that assists in producing blogs, articles and reports faster. The AI-powered website enriches productivity by organizing documents, files and PDFs content and can be linked for automatic references. It indeed allows to ask questions pondering in the mind to the AI, and the AI will find answers for you.

With its unique combination of keyword extraction, semantic search, online word processor, and summarisation features, the AI research tool makes it easy to find the information you need when you need it. It reduces your time spent going through all the data.

This AI-tool might be beneficial for students and PhD scholars who works on thesis papers and related. Though Genei offers you a 14-day free trial, users may then have to pay $5 / month to avail the service.


Microsoft had teased a new AI tool – Vall-E that imitates anyone’s voice with just 3-second audio sample. Microsoft uses Meta’s EnCodec audio compression technology, for preserving a speaker’s emotional tone and acoustic environment to make VALL-E imitate the voice in the audio sample. Trained on roughly 60,000 hours of voice data in English, the AI tool is capable of simulating any voice it hears for just 3 second, that’s completely new and revolutionary to the world.

Users can synthesize personalized speech, edit recordings and create audio content with this VALL-E and the tech could be widely useful for virtual learning, customer service automation, speech editing, and more. Read more about Vall-E here.


An AI-powered writing assistant, Grammarly helps users improve existing content by fixing grammatical errors, avoiding overused words, keeping your writing concise, and making it sound more confident.

Grammarly enhances your writing quality by pulling-off data-rich communication that provides users with feedback on nuanced aspects of language like clarity and tone.

In addition, Grammarly proposes rewrites for complex sentences; this dramatically speeds up self-editing, although users still need to gauge their accuracy. Grammarly also offers a chrome extension for browsers that checks grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and more in real-time on a number of different platforms, including Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, and more.

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