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Apple Smart Water-Bottle that costs ₹4,600 – All you need to know about its features

Apple, after attracting people with its iPhones, airpods, iMacs and Macbooks, has stepped into deriving quality and smartness out of every daily-need products. The company’s recent disclosure of polishing cloth pricing at ₹1,900 and wireless mouse confirms so, and now giggled with a ‘Smart Water-bottle’, costing more than the expected Jio Phone 1. But what’s special about the bottle and is it worth of buying?

The U.S. based trillion-dollar giant, has recently launched a smart water-bottle, two of the kinds, called HidrateSpark PRO and HidrateSpark PRO STEEL, the former being cheaper on comparison.

Features of the Water-Bottle

The iPhone maker’s bottle, is not an ordinary bottle, but syncs up with your apple devices – iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches and reminds you to drink water at regular times. The bottle provisions an LED bottom which glows every time when it’s time to drink water. It’s like an Indian mom, but in a gentle manner. The LED colors are customizable to furnish your favorite color to the bottle’s bottom.

Syncing with the Apple Health app, the bottles leverage Bluetooth tech and tracks your hydration level. The beauty of the tech is, with HidrateSpark app, the bottle analyses and calculates daily target of water intake, what’s the quantity of water you sipped and sends the data to the owner’s connected device. The daily target is adjustable based on the activity level and body of the person.

Cost of the HidrateSpark bottles

As said, HidrateSpark comes with two variants, HidrateSpark Pro, the cheaper one costing $59.95 (₹4,592). This variant is made of shatter-proof and odour-resistant Tritan plastic, showing up in black and green color choices.

HidrateSpark PRO STEEL, on the other hand, is 32-ounce bottle made of stainless-steel and is vacuum insulated for fetching you cold water upto 24 hours. This sums up its cost to $79.95 (₹6,126). PRO STEEL goes with black and silver.

The bottles are currently available only in U.S.

Did Apple create the bottles?

No. Though Apple sells the bottles from its official website, it’s not the tech-giant designed the bottles, but a firm called HidrateSpark. HidrateSpark is a separate company founded in 2014, specializing itself for making smart water-bottles. Apple integrates its devices with the bottle and brands them as Apple bottles. Still, the cost makes our mind to ween that apple had made it.

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The sad thing for apple-lovers is, the bottle has no apple-logo on its body to let them showcase their apple-product.

Although Apple added only 4 of the firm’s bottles (the 21-ounce HidrateSpark STEEL priced at $70 and the 20-ounce Hidrate Spark 3 priced at $60 – are the other two), HidrateSpark avails many variants of its bottles in its website.

Held by all the details of the bottle, would you consider buying it? Leave some comments…

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