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7 Futuristic Building Concepts that will Amaze You

“Good Ideas are always crazy until they’re not”. These futuristic building concepts are one of the kinds, which may seem unbelievable till it gets to the reality. No one would have believed if someone said you can do everything with a 6-inch rectangular device in your hand (smartphone) in early 1900s.

And it’s quite difficult to comprehend the working of James Webb Space Telescope if it’s 50 years before. Technology have improved drastically and still on the way to furnish and fabricate wonders in the coming future.

Here are six such futuristic craziest building concepts that will mind-blow you.

Elevator to Space

Elevator to Space

Advances in Space transportation and exploration is not like the same 20 years before and thus will not be the same 20 years after. Supersonic jets, interplanetary travel, space-tour by Virgin Galactic and more space-projects have elevated how we perceive travel to space. In the track to a surprising extent, scientists laid out plans for an Elevator to Space from the Earth.

The core of the concept would be a cable anchored to the surface of the earth and extending into space. The design would permit vehicles to travel along the cable from a planetary surface, such as the Earth’s directly into orbit, without the use of large rockets. An earth-based space elevator consists of a cable with one end attached to the surface near the equator and the other end in space beyond geostationary orbit at an 35,786 km altitude.

Scientists are currently in probe of a perfect material that would tolerate all the stresses it might had to forego for initializing the project.

Get to know fully about the elevator, here.

Floating Hotel that Rotates 3600

Floating Hotel in Qatar

This building interests the viewers and readers as it’s a more realistic building that floats and rotates 360-deg to generate its own power for its usage. This project might be the first deliverable futuristic concept, planning to finish construction by 2025.

Turkish design team Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) is the backbone behind this luxury and innovative conceptual sketch-works, which had laid foundation in 2020 and aims to complete it by 2025.

The eco-floating hotel’s peculiarity as said earlier, ‘rotates to generate its electricity’ works only if there is a high possibility of continuous current. The hotel accords with the formation of a vortex (circular current), that makes it rotate 360 deg, thereby providing electrical energy besides a beautiful panoramic view of bluish abundance.

The hotel rotates, the inmates relish the sea-ish scenery with no ordeals of the feel of being rotated. The structure achieves so, as it takes 24 hours to complete its 360 deg spin.

Take a tour in this hotel, here.

Underwater City – Ocean Spiral by Japan

Ocean Spiral – Underwater City project

Exploring the oceans are always an adventure and pleasure for people. Just like underwater-hotels in Maldives and in some other places in the world, the exploration, treasuring and exploitation of oceans leaves a positive slope over years. Following this, a Japan-based corporation aims to construct an underwater city to accommodate thousands of people. A Tokyo-based company, Shimizu Corporation sparked “OCEAN SPIRAL”, a deep-sea future city concept that the firm aims for the future world.

The firm idealizes dramatically to improve the sustainability of human societies on the earth by fully utilizing the deep sea, constructing a whole city for humans underwater that stretches from top of the sea to about 2000m into the sea.

Have a look at this Ocean Spiral here.

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Vertical City – The Line in Saudi Arabia

The Line Project – Saudi Arabia

Entailing the unavoidable climate-change, a futuristic way of living along parallel vertical buildings has incited in Saudi Arabia to build a zero-carbon city called NEOM’s “The Line”. Upon fully constructed, NEOM will be the “world’s first zero-gravity vertical city” that will have “zero cars, zero pollution and zero carbon emissions”.

Vertically stacked city’s ‘The Line’ comprises of two buildings which gonna be the world’s largest structures growing up to 500 meters in height and running 75 miles or 170km along the mountains near to the Red Sea stretching 200 meters wide.

Have a look at “The Line” building.

Artificial Womb Facility Centre

Artificial Womb Fertility Centre

The Gut-wrenching pain of pregnancy women experience could one day be solved in future if parents are ready to adapt to this artificial-womb, which produces babies in an environment exactly like a human’s womb. The concept video of having an Artificial Womb facility carrying mass 30,000 babies a year in individual pods astounds the internet.

Named as “EctoLife”, artificial womb facility is just a futuristic film created by Hashem Al-Ghaili who is a video creator and science communicator. The video depicts that what and how pregnancy would be like in the future, empowering humans to modify the “Perfect Baby” in terms of intelligence, color, height, and even eye and hair color. It’s like ‘Photoshop editing of giving-birth’.

Know fully about this Artificial Womb Facility – Ectolife, here.

Artificial Gravity & Bullet Train on Moon & Mars

One of the far futuristic concepts but could be possible in real-time in future is this Artificial gravity building and bullet train on moon and Mars. Sowed by Japan, the aim of the plan is to develop a livable habitat – a building with artificial gravity on moon that exactly replicates earth’s gravity & terrain.

Researchers of Kyoto University in collaboration with Kajima Construction revealed their futuristic plans to develop the ‘Glass Habitat’, a building made of Glass for humans to live that replicates Earth’s gravity & terrain, and a ‘Bullet Train’ that connects the Glass structures within the planet & with other planets too.

Calling it as ‘The Glass’, Kyoto University and Kajima Construction aims for a conical living structure of artificial gravity, incorporating public transportation, green areas, and water bodies like rivers, resembling what life on Earth be like.

Read more about the project here.

Building that Changes Color

Researchers at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) have developed an interesting solution to regulating the temperature of buildings.

They designed a “chameleon-like” building material that changes its infrared color and the amount of heat it absorbs and emits based on the temperature outside. To elaborate, the material can emit up to 92 percent of the infrared heat it contains, thereby cooling the inside of a building. And on colder days, the material emits just seven percent of its infrared, helping keep a building warm.

You can get to know fully about the building here.

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