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AI creates Stereotypical Faces of Indian Men and Women from Each of its State

An artist from India exploited an AI platform to create AI-generated faces of Indian men and women from each of its state using the state’s stereotypes, says “When Indian Stereotypes meet AI”.

Several Generative-AI platforms have emerged recently, that uplifts artificial intelligence technology to be more usable and reliable to people directly. Generative AI is the new upgraded form of AI-tech, capable enough to generate the targeted element (texts, images, videos) upon user-inputs. The older version of AI performs only decision-making tasks like analyzing and assessing input data to proffer the best expected results.

Of these generative-AI platforms, conversational AI chatbots like ChatGPT, image or 3D or video-generating AI and artistic AI are few on-the-table hot picks currently.

Going with the trend, this Delhi-based artist Madhav Kohli leveraged AI to create beautiful faces of Indian men and women from all states of India on the bias of stereotypes clinging onto the state. The images went viral and appreciated.

AI-Generated Indian Faces

The 24-yr old artist Madhav Kohli deployed the idea of making stereotypical Indian faces with help of an AI-tool ‘midjourney’, which generates images using text-prompts entered by the user. Midjourney is a budding AI site for creating AI-generated images and is available to everyone in beta-version.

Madhav in plan of making an AI-art that visualizes how Indians from each state would look like made these artworks based on the stereotypical descriptions like the state’s tradition, clothing style, the way they look and more.

The artist tweeted three threads portraying Indian Men from all states in one thread, Indian women in another and the last showing Indians based on desires and motives, irrespective of regionality. The artwork got him to the trending-tab of twitter.

Here are the pictures…

Cons of Generative-AI

Despite appreciable for innovative AI-artworks, the Generative AI has immense opportunities and capabilities in the market, as well as deadly drawbacks too. The foremost downside of the technology is its biased nature, which will operate and render results only based on the input data and the data which it had used priorly to learn for being efficient enough.

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The founder of ChatGPT also mentioned that the AI could not be reliable enough to get factual information from it, as it maybe incorrect.

There’s a big part of concerning aspects of this generative-AI in future, Google and Oxford Scientists remark. Read here.

The AI tech, however, will be marching towards in future, until any misleading activities are seen emerging.

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