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UK deploys Robotic Surgeons for Endometriosis surgery on Women

Da Vinci robot for endometriosis

A hospital in London use Robotic surgeons for performing complex endometriosis surgeries on women, that now breaks record by being most successful and time-efficient, than traditional surgeries.

Robotic surgical system is rapidly increasing in hospitals, performing intricate surgeries with very small incisions and better magnification. Also called as robot-assisted surgery, the surgeons rely on a computer-controlled robotic system for the dissections, resections and haemostasis (to prevent bleeding).

Robotic surgery was in practice notably from late 1980s with the first surgical robot(s) PUMA 560 which was used in a brain biopsy procedure. Over time of modernizing with technology, robotic surgeons have improved substantially, that even patients prefer robotic surgery as it’s more effective than a conventional surgical procedure.

Specialists at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, takes credit for this robotic surgery, performing a ‘phenomenal’ 24 surgical procedures for endometriosis in two days, that would have taken eight weeks in usual laparoscopic surgical method.

Da Vinci Surgical Robot

The Covid pandemic delayed or simply canceled many appointments of women waiting for crucial operations, which had amounted to 80 percent of women related to endometriosis to be left behind without a surgery. Over 5,000 women have been waiting for more than 18 months.

Endometriosis is a disease where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, in other parts of the body, including ovaries, bowel and bladder or even in spine, lungs or brain. The tissue regardless of their region, still swells, bleeds every month during a woman’s period, causing severe pain.

Team at Chelsea and West Minster Hospital, London, UK
Team at Chelsea and West Minster Hospital, London, UK

Addressing the urgency, team at Chelsea and Westminster used two $2.5 million-worth (£2million / ₹20.4 Crores) ‘da Vinci’ surgical robots to perform the surgery.

Two surgeons deployed the da Vinci robots for performing the surgery, and 24 surgeries was completed in just two days (12 in a day), supported by 20 team members of staff focused on rapidly moving patients in and out of the theatre.

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Pros of Robotic Surgery

Perks with this robot-assisted surgery includes much time-saving, faster recovery and more.

The robots allow surgeons to complete an operation in between 35 and 40 minutes, which is about 60 percent the time it would have taken in conventional surgery. They also cause less blood loss and have a faster recovery time. Around 90 percent of patients had been discharged within 24 hours of their operation.

Natalie Meagan-Blake, a 39-year-old woman who had been treated for endometriosis a couple of times, says that “I feel totally different this time and have recovered much more quickly,” on her first robotic surgery.

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As endometriosis condition have high recurrence rates of nearly 50 percent, even after surgery, many are getting affected frequently and the waitlists are never cleared. In Meagan-Blake’s instance, the excess tissue begins growing back within eight or nine months, she said. However, robotic surgeries might help surgeons on clearing the waitlists, meeting out 88,000 people for gynecological treatments on time.

“It’s likely my endometriosis will return, but I’ll definitely be asking for robotic surgery again,” she added.

Amer Raza, a robotic surgeon at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, told the Daily Mail the new robots are “revolutionizing endometriosis treatment and could soon become the first-choice surgical treatment on the NHS.”

Do you think robotic surgery will be dominating the surgeries all over the world?

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