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TCS joins Metaverse with its XR Projects – All you need to know

IT Giant of India that had spread its glory all over the world, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) boards the metaverse bandwagon, looking into the opportunities the technology might proffer in the future. Metaverse, the big-dig of 21st century’s technology, gets adhered to every sector existing aimed for expanding the experiences of services.

Metaverse – a virtual 3D world glamouring the experiences of what the real world can’t, is often comparable to web3.o technology and the term origins back to 1982’s novel Snow Crash, where characters could go to a virtual place to escape a dreary totalitarian reality.

The exponential adoption of cloud-based techs especially during the pandemic, the Metanomics sounds really lucrative and promising for Indian IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Tech M and the likes.

Coming to TCS, the IT major has been exploring opportunities in the virtual world by spreading its services like virtual bank, commerce, workspace etc. into the Metaverse. Speaking to BusinessLine a senior TCS executive said that the company is already working on projects like virtual banking for NFTs and retail transactions in the Metaverse deploying the company’s native blockchain.

TCS intends of creating Extended Reality (XR) experience in the virtual world to drive the users crazy delivering its services and digital workspace.

“Whether the office is moving to your dining table or the metaverse is a question that simply won’t settle”, the company puts in its page as ‘Future of Work’.

‘TCS is taking significant small steps with considerable investment’, says Krishnam Ramanujam, President and Head of Business and Technology Services, TCS.

What TCS with Metaverse will be?

TCS’s exploitation of Metaverse promises for online-shopping and the whole gamut of associated experience, letting the users for an impressive virtual world shopping. The company also sees real-estate and educative impulsion by the tech.

The company then focusses on providing employee onboardings virtually and bringing the work-life entirely to people’s houses, meaning you’ll be attending the virtual-office though actually staying on your bed. The move is considered as the world is accustomed to work remotely in this pandemic.

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Driving its products and services on its metaverse, TCS introduces ‘themaTiCS’, wherein TCS designates nine horizontals under three primary themes – Time and Space (TAS), Culture (CUL) and Technology (TEC).

Apart from TCS, other IT majors such as Infosys, and Tech Mahindra are also working on various technologies to tap the metaverse market. As per global investment bank Goldman Sachs, metaverse is estimated to provide an $8 trillion opportunity and help IT companies expand their offerings to deep tech like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and augmented/virtual reality.

Would you impel Metaverse on your business?

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