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10 Laptop Gadgets That You Must Have to Ease your Work & Time

After smartphones, laptops hold the place for the most spent time by individuals, as working, googling, billing, learning, watching movies / series, booking tickets and so on, demands the need of it, especially for engineers. People spend 3.22 hrs per day on laptop in US on an average, and the number usually peaks for IT professionals, and students where a big part of their day had to be spent in front of the screens. If people consider putting a lot of time in laptop, why don’t to have a look at these laptop-gadgets?

Although some people couldn’t pull up the screen-time activity, as their work depends on it, one could possibly ease the work or lessen the difficulties of using laptop for a prolonged time, by giving a thought for these laptop gadgets, that would really be helpful in day-to-day life.

10 Laptop Accessories that You must have

Callas Laptop Table

You can’t get into the mood of doing tasks, until you get yourself in the correct posture with convenient way of using your laptop. And laptop tables will make you comfortable to work, easing and enhancing your work efficiency.

This Callas Multipurpose Foldable laptop table, in special, is lightweight so you can carry it anywhere you want and also has a drawer in it. The table has a tablet or phone holder, and pen holder, letting you keep the stuffs on the table itself in an organized way.

Available in amazon, the table costs ₹599.

Encrypted Flash Drive

You can store whatever you want in your flash drive, it’s okay. There are things we all are ashamed of; maybe for you, it’s your photos from 10 years ago, movies that you say you hate when you’re around your cool friends but you secretly love, or some explicit movies, you know… It doesn’t have to be a thing you’re ashamed of though, maybe you store your company’s important and confidential files. 

Then you need a flash drive that won’t throw you under the bus when it’s lost or when someone else gets it; because this flash drive is encrypted, and if the person who gets your flash drive isn’t a psychic, then they’re not really likely to see the things the drive stores. So calm down, and feel free and happy about your guilty pleasures. 

You can get this encrypted flash drive in amazon! Check the current price.

Portable Charger

Working professionals who used to commute for a while, might had encountered the drain of laptop-battery during the travel when he/she really has to do finish a compelling task. Probably vehicles may not have a plug point, to charge your laptop, but your portable charger can give a hand for you.

MI Power Bank Hypersonic charger is a huge 20000mAh lithium polymer powerbank but compact in size, that can deliver 45W laptop charging and upto 50W mobile charging with 3.0 power delivery. Fully rechargeable in just 3 hours 50 mins, this portable charger could serve the good for you.

Priced at ₹4,999, you can get the charger from amazon by heading here.

Wireless Mouse

Laptop touchpads aren’t handy enough as mouse, if you believe it or not. Mouse is actually a great invention done by Nasa; you might need to know. Wired mouses, though gets comfortable in the computer table, it messes the compact laptop table with its wire. It’s best to prefer a wireless mouse, when thinking of laptops.

Here is HP X200 Wireless mouse with 2.4GHz wireless connectivity that has 18-month long battery life for just ₹488. The mouse also has a 3-year manufacturer warranty and is listed in Amazon.

All-in-One Memory Card Reader

This all-in-one card-reader allows access to the data on memory cards such as SD, SDHC, Micro SDHC, MMC, UHS-1 and MicroSD. Also, this card reader is compatible with USB, and USB Type C plugs. So only with an SD card and this card reader, you’ll be able to manage all your data from, to, on devices.

With built-in USB 3.0, the card reader can deliver high-speed transfer rates of up to 5Gbps. Rendering 1-year warranty, the card reader costs ₹499 only in Amazon.

Laptop Bag

Spacious laptop bag with atleast three to four pouches is an essential need for any laptop user. And what if your laptop bag also becomes your unisex travel backpack?

Wesley Milestone Laptop backpack takes the role here as all-in-one usable waterproof backpack, comfortable for college, business & travel backpack too. The bag comes with 1 year warranty and costs ₹596 in Amazon.

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Magnetic Laptop Phone Holder

This is your chance to say goodbye to weary necks and missed texts thanks to a dual-screen setup that puts your phone and laptop at eye level. All you need to do is to stick the magnetic phone mount to the top of your laptop or any other surface with the included adhesive patch for the ultimate dual-screen experience. The phone holder features a foldable extension that is tiny, lightweight, and easy to transport, making it ideal for use in a home office setup or on the go.

You can buy it here at ₹300.

Hard Disk Drive

WD 2TB Portable Portable External Hard Drive is quite compact and 15mm thin, shockproof, durable plastic shell. HDD WD Elements is suitable for carrying when travelling frequently. WD 2TB Elements portable hard drive products are suitable for many different customers such as students, business people, engineers.

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This is an indispensable tool for those who do video work, take photos easily carried in bags, and backpacks are very convenient when travelling long distances.

2TB WD Elements pre-formatted portable hard disk used in Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11. Compatible for Mac (Reformat required).

Also, the WD 2TB Portable Elements Hard Drive has a free trial version of the WD SmartWare Pro software that allows automatic data backup from PC to Elements hard drive or backup to Dropbox account.

WD Elements Portable 2TB is a great portable hard drive. WD 2TB Elements stores a simple, convenient, fast connection to use on the computer. Get the HDD in amazon for Rs.5,199.

Tech Pouch

Keep all of your gear together in one convenient place with the ‘Seagull flight of Fashion’ Tech Pouch. It’s a stylish and exceptionally made accessory that’s a must-have for frequent travellers. It has enough pockets and compartments for small gadgets, charging cables, memory cards, and any other laptop accessories you might own. The special thing about this pouch is that you can customize the layout of the pouches as you need.

Buy it here for ₹525 in Amazon.

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Keyboard Cleaner & Keyboard Cover

Keyboard Cleaner: This universal gel cleaner makes it easy to keep your keys — and the spaces between the keys — dust-free. The goo-like gel molds easily into tight spots where it instantly attracts and lifts away, dust, dirt, crumbs, and grime. It’s reusable, safe to use on electronics, and can also clean car air vents, cameras, and other narrow, hard-to-reach spots.

Buy the slime gel-cleaner here for ₹109.

Keyboard Cover: As smartphone screens need a scratch-glass for prevention of breakage of screen, keyboards too need a safety cover that helps in protecting the keyboard from problems such as spilt water, dirt. For the best experience we advise to choose the type made of transparent silicon so that the keyboard light can penetrate. For just ₹75, every laptop user could afford that.

Get the cover here.

Ensure that you are buying keyboard cover of the respective screen size of your laptop.

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