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Here is World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Bike – LAVO

The world is totally in repositioning itself to renewables, as the impact created by climate change is exponentially increasing day by day, thereby made the organizations to look back into the issue. In fact, Canadian woman who had to be diagnosed as suffering from ‘climate change’, is the first ever in the World.

For this reason, transportation by fuels which accounts for 24% of total CO2 emissions worldwide, has been given a shot to be overtook by renewable way of transport and investments in hydrogen is continuing to grow as the EU has said it expects to spend $544.87 billion (₹40.37 Lakh Crores) on green hydrogen by 2050. In the realm, the world has upgraded itself to make out First Ever Hydrogen-Powered E-Bike and the below describes so.


Dutch Design firm StudioMom collaborating with hydrogen-battery pioneer LAVO, came up with an electric bike that runs fully on hydrogen, which is extracted using the Solar power. The bike is the World’s first hydrogen powered e-bike that has the capability to cover long distances carrying heavy cargo.

“This first hydrogen bike in the world makes transport over very long distances possible without heavy batteries, particulates or CO2 emissions,” said Studio MOM.

Concepted to reduce the carbon emissions, the hydrogen bike overcomes some of bikes’ drawbacks by incorporating the LAVO system, a hydrogen storage technology.

Technology behind the E-Bike

LAVO’s technology, developed by researchers at the University of New South Wales, aims for a more complete, versatile and sustainable energy storage solution in the market. The bike indeed has no heavy batteries, but is mounted with small hydrogen tanks, that collect hydrogen from water and solar energy and use it as fuel for the bike. The system employs a process of electrolysis for separating oxygen and hydrogen in water and absorption of hydrogen into a patented metal hydride which converts it into battery power.

Outcome is, the e-bike fully charges in just ten minutes and provides a range of about 150 km for a single charge, the longest range ever for an e-bike. The storage capacity and lifespan that the LAVO’s technology proffers are three times and more than twice efficient than the known e-bikes – a unique value proposition.

Exteriorly, the LAVO bike is more of like lego-blocks, wherein all technical elements could be assembled by ourselves. The bike is sleek and stylish and to the point, is easily adaptable: from city bike to transport bike for small business use. Providing space for cargo in the front, the bike seems to be like that vehicle which the water-suppliers used to have.

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LAVO first discussed in 2020, is all set to go for installation in the late 2021, if everything goes of plan. The brand claims that one LAVO unit can store up to 40kWh of hydrogen, which could power the average Australian home off-grid for up to two days. The battery however weighs just 1.2 kg, unlike in other e-bikes that weigh 6kgs.

The design was developed in partnership with Elian Cycles, a manufacturer that specialises in cargo bikes.

The LAVO bike is not currently on the market, but could be available in the future. LAVO hopes to launch a range of lifestyle products that use its hybrid hydrogen battery, including a barbecue.

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