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10 Best & Useful Websites for Students

For all the students out there, the days of sitting in your room with homework and grades are alleviating, thanks to the internet. It’s a daunting task — finding something isn’t easy when it’s so vast. But you don’t have to face this problem alone! I’ve rounded up some of the best websites for students that can help to ease the process and increase productivity.

Alison is one of the prominent websites I found to be more useful and productive to college students, as it comprises of 4000+ courses absolutely for Free. The site has hundreds of courses on each of its 9 broad sectors. Upon completion of a course, attendee would also a receive a certificate of completing. Undoubtedly, Alison paves you the right and free path if you are curious to upgrade yourself on topics.

Alison, in fact allows you to earn by referring your friends, teaching on the platform and conducting affiliates program.

We Work Remotely for Jobs

We Work Remotely is the largest remote work community in the world. With over 4.5M visitors, WWR is the number one destination to find and list incredible remote jobs. We work remotely is the most sought after platform for jobs, and is trusted by leading companies in the world such as Google, Amazon and more. You can find all the remote jobs here, and start working on your free time, earning enough to take care of your expenses.


Normally students seldom prefer reading news regularly, owing to different reasons, say news aren’t stirring their interests. However, this news app feeds you your favorite topic, and is short and crisp with quality.

Named ‘Inshorts‘, the app lists out trending news in less than 60 words, to quickly skim out the body of the news. Founded by three IIT Delhi graduates, the news site also has an app and is widely used by 10 million people.

Symbolab serves to be a great platform to deducing the answers out of your math problems in matter of seconds. All you need to do is type down the question and click a button ‘Go’. Users can try out any model of question from any chapters of mathematics. It also explains you the steps of deriving, and the graph if it has to be.

So, no more complaining on teachers for missing out the questions.


Normally, mostly nowadays, schools and colleges had started to scan for any plagiarisms on students’ assignments to make sure that the content is not simply copy-pasted. However, there’s a way to escape from being a victim of plagiarism.

Copyleaks detects plagiarism, paraphrased content, and similar text using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence based algorithms in 100+ languages with its online software and that’s how it proves to be a good assistance for essay-writing on your school or college level programs.


There are always compensations or offers proffering out for students, if they know or not. Likely as companies provide the cheapest to the students (Amazon Prime for Free for students, adobe software for free), upon registering with their ‘.edu’ mail-id, Studentrate showcases you the best offers available for the students worldwide for online shopping of almost all kind of products.

Studentrate reveals you the coupons for products, to avail discounts ultimately to save you a bit. Why not to check this?

NPTEL for Certified Courses

NPTEL is a great platform for students to learn new technology, science and engineering related topics in the online mode. With 2,500+ courses, it’s completely free to learn. India‘s IITs and IISCs have collaborated to proffer this useful website for not only students, but also staffs, working professionals and moreover for everyone. NPTEL also conducts exam in the offline mode to certificate learners, but they may have to pay nearly Rs.2000 for the exam.

The courses are tutored by IITs & IISCs’ professors and lecturers.

Shortlyai – AI Writer

Shortlyai empowers the use of Artificial Intelligence for lending out paragraphs on a specific topic. Users need to mention the topic and tap on ‘Write for me’, and the AI would do its duty of writing out lines about the topic. It’s beneficial for writing sub-topics in essays as assignments, blog articles and more.

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To try it out, the words after ‘For all the students out there’ in the second para was written by this AI on the topic ‘Student’s Life’. Thanks to Shortlyai, it saved my little time.

However, you have only four free trials to work for you, after then the AI demands $65 / month if billed annually or $79/month. If at all, you want it to use it for free, one has to sign up with new emails, after one gets depleted with the four free trials.

Pickmycareer is an initiative by LMES (Lets make education simple) in aim of rendering guidance to marooned students who are uncertain of the future themselves.

The page enumerates the careers available in every realm of study and submits a complete report on oneself upon subscribing their platform for just $6 / ₹499 per year. The report assesses every quality of a person and elaborates the strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement and skills of interest.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded is a great tool that equips AI to analyze and assess one’s resume and gives feedback in just 30 seconds. Ideally beneficially for job-seekers and students, Resume Worded will skim through your resume and provide valuable suggestions on all key aspects in your resume. It estimates how well the resume will perform in the recruiters’ table and also lists the corrections you should make in your resume. For final year students, this website will be a great tool to sketch your resume perfectly.

The tool also checks your LinkedIn profile and proffers rectifications for befitting you amidst the masses.

Hope the page was useful.. Comment down, if you know any other useful websites!

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