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Mercedes-Benz unveils ‘Brain-controlled’ Luxury car, inspired by Avatar

Starting from power-steering, automatic transmission to Sleeping in the driver seat, as Tesla drivers do, travelling in car has become wholly comfort nowadays. In fact, Google’s Waymo, GM’s cruise comes with no steering wheel, thanks to technology. The feat extends to further steps, this time a little big one as Mercedes takes a shot now with its new luxury car that can read driver’s mind.

Automobile giant Mercedes-Benz, recently at the IAA mobility 2021 show in Munich, Germany displayed the next iteration of its Vision AVTR concept car, that had been first unveiled at CES 2020. Benz recently disclosed that the car now has tech that lets you (driver) perform certain tasks not by doing, but just by thinking about them.

The ‘Vision AVTR’, by what Benz call the car, is inspired by the movie Avatar, maybe the reason for the suffix. The car becomes an extension of your own body and a tool to discover the environment, much as in the film which had a ‘neuro-inspired approach’ allowing the neural connection. But Benz adds Advanced Vehicle Transformation as the abbreviation of AVTR.

Mind-reading Car

The concept car, supports Brain-to-computer interface (BCI) technology that picks the brainwaves of a person and send signals to the onboard computer, which performs the functions. For instance, everything you want to do inside the car, like playing music, switching ON/Off the AC, windows open and whatever it is, you just have to think about doing it, without even lifting your finger & the car do its favors for you. However, for this mind-control, one has to be seated on the driver’s seat, that’s where electrodes can be worn on the head to allow the BCI to analyze your brainwaves for understanding your thinking.

The car becomes an extension of your own body and a tool to discover the environment, much as in the film humans can use avatars to extend and expand their abilities.

The VISION AVTR already responds to the approach of the passengers by visualizing the energy and information flow of the environment with digital neurons that flow through the grille through the wheels to the rear area. The digital neurons flow from the interior into the exterior and visualize the flow of energy and information. For example, when driving, the neurons flow over the outside of the vehicle. When changing direction, the energy flow to the corresponding side of the vehicle.

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By this BCI technology, the car plans to seamlessly narrow the gap allying man and machine to perform ‘intuitive interaction’ with the AVTR.

Starting the Car

Way of starting the car is more interesting in this AVTR concept car. Benz has installed a centre console right next to the driver seat, on which the driver has to place his hand – the car will throttle. Indeed the car will recognize the driver by his/her breathing, which lets the Vision AVTR in establishing a biometric connection with the driver and hence increases his awareness of the environment, Mercedes affirms. And there will be no traditional steering wheel for the driver.

Stunning Design

Vision AVTR heralds an awe-face to the viewers with its interior and exterior designs, wherein the car muses you to think that it’s alien-made. The car gives you more than enough space to allow passengers to connect with each other easily & proffering you the feel of sitting on a sofa in a room with your legs stretched out.

The back shell of the seat and the sky have color-changing fabric, bringing you a holistic concept. Depending on the light, the textile changes its color from dark to subtle blue. Yeah! The car literally changes its color.

The innovative all-wheel driver with torque vectoring enables completely new freedoms with each wheel been driven separately and depending on the driving situation. Due to this, AVTR can move sideways by approx. 30 degrees, in contrast to usual vehicles.

Battery & Charging

The luxury vehicle equips with a combined engine power of more than 250kW. The battery capacity is “exponentially high” compared to other battery systems – of around 110 kWhr – that makes the car to run for 700km non-stop with just less than 15minutes as its recharge time. Battery-tech that is installed in this car is graphene-based and eliminates rare and toxic and expensive earths such as metals, says the company.

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No wonder, German car-makers expel in the field!

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