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This Space Tourism firm plans to offer Marriage Service in Space in its Spaceship balloon

space balloon for space tour

A firm called ‘Space Perspective’ will be allowing people to have marriage in space in a new and first approach of space tourism.

Space tourism is a growing niche of aviation industry that seeks to give tourists the ability to experience space for recreational, and leisure purposes. After firms like Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX had offered tickets for a space tour, many had taken the opportunity to provide the service at a more reasonable rate, thereby extending the concept of space travel to normal humans with no astronaut-level training to witness the beauty of earth.

And this firm had gone a step further by offering a marriage service in space floating 30 kms above the earth. It might be special as well as expensive.

Spaceship Neptune

US-based Space Perspective is world’s first carbon-neutral luxury spaceflight company, that uses hydrogen power to carry passengers to stratosphere. Space Perspective aims to provide six-hours space-travel to people in a balloon-shaped spaceship called ‘Neptune’.

A big parachute-shaped Spaceship Neptune is a pressurized capsule with floor-to-ceiling lounge having windows on all its sides for a clear view of the earth and space. It will not take you to outer space where ISS is located at 400kms from earth, but to the edge of space, where earth’s curvature and dark outer space is clearly visible.

This tried-and-true technology has been used for decades by NASA for lifting research telescopes and other heavy, sensitive instruments.

Neptune will reach an altitude of 20 miles (30 kilometers) above Earth’s surface. Interestingly being carbon-neutral, Neptune is lifted to space by propelling it using renewable hydrogen, making it to rise slowly at 12 mph.

  • space balloon
  • space balloon

With two hours rising steadily above the earth, two hours floating at the edge of space, and two descending to an easy water landing, passengers will enjoy a bar, refreshments, Wi-fi and a restroom on board in this spaceship.

Likely as Neptune, Japan’s startup provides space tours in balloon-like capsule. However, it can take only single person along with a pilot at a time, whereas Neptune can have 8+ members on board.

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Marriage in Space

For a more memorable experience, the firm is seeking ways to facilitate marriage in space in this Neptune. “We’ve already had people wanting to be the first marriage in space, so we’ll see who is the first,” says the firm’s Co-founder Jane Poynter.

Accommodating seats for eight passengers and one pilot, the firm says that the furniture inside the capsule can be swapped out to meet special requests like arranging a marriage. The capsule can hold a dining table or even an altar for a wedding.

However, you cannot throw multiple invitations for the marriage as Indians do, but only a small group of people less than fifteen in number is admissible. Anyways you can stream your wedding for people to watch on the earth’s surface.

The firm had sold over 1,200 tickets so far at the price of $125,000 (₹1.02 Crores) per ticket and plans on launching its first passenger flights in late 2024. While the price may seem costly to the masses, it’s comparatively more feasible than Blue Origin’s flight at $1.25 million (₹10.2 Crores).

Would you host your wedding in Space?

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