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Collection of AI-Generated Images of World Leaders & Celebrities: AI Photo Gallery

The advent of generative-AI had let artists and creative thinkers to create ultra-realistic images out of technology that would be difficult to identify it as fake. A bunch of AI image-generating platforms like Midjourney, allows people to give life to a visualized scenery on their mind. And these images which got viral recently are fully fake but didn’t seem so. This page will get you all AI-generated images representing world leaders, celebrities, CEOs and other famous people.

Let’s start devotionally with a picture of Jesus!

This is how Jesus would look like!

Two of the artists, Bas Uterwijk, a Dutch Photographer and designer and Dan Voshart, a VR specialist in Film Industry are accredited for rejuvenating the ancients’ faces, a mere algorithm-cum-prediction of ‘how they would have looked like’, deploying AI & Machine Learning software.

Well, Bas Uterwijk’s depiction of Christianity deity, ‘Jesus’ made zealous of the works by the technology. The picture was created by using Artbreeder AI platform.

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AI Gallery by Artist Jyo John Mulloor

An Indian-origin digital artist, Jyo John Mulloor, who is a senior designer settled in United Arab Emirates, visualized selfies taken by notable leaders, scientists around the world and social-media got filled with those images. John took instagram to publish his collection of AI-generated images, captioning as “Upon retrieving my old hard drive, I discovered a treasure trove of selfies sent to me by friends from the past.” The artist uses Mid Journey to create ultra realistic images and blends it perfect with help of Adobe photoshop, he mentioned.

Here is the full gallery by the artist…

AI-Generated Images of Trump getting arrested

Be informed that all these images are absolutely fake, created by AI.

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Know how to create these kind of AI-generated images using Midjourney here.

Hope you find the page useful.

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The above mentioned images are purely imaginary and fake created by Artificial Intelligence. The images are only for showcasing purpose and ‘The Inner Detail’ is not responsible for the creation of these images. Credits goes to the respective artists.

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