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Educational Trends enhancing the Student’s Future

Technology’s prevalence is expanding its wings at a greater speed in this era. In fact, it’s difficult to pit-point a sector that hasn’t seen technological impact. Education joins the list of being favored sector. The onset of tech, innovation and demands starts to pave a broad way for the students to be intellectually competent. In the current scenario, it creates ‘the more you learn, the more you survive’ ideology.

One of the forcing factors for the shift of educational trend is e-learning, that made a huge impact in COVID-19 pandemic. Though, the pandemic stressed the institutions, teachers & students and even parents, it rooted the method of personalized learning in the mindsets of students, especially college students. The hype in the enrollments of educational courses in online platforms like upGrad, udemy, unacademy pays justice to the statement (upGrad alone sees 50% increase in admissions of MBA courses).

The global education and training expenditure are likely to go up to $10 trillion by 2030. 75% teachers believe that digital learning would surpass the conventional textbook learning by 2026.

Trends enhancing Education of the Students & thereby influencing their Future:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has a huge improvisation in educational field, in the sense of automated tutoring and assessments for students.

AI powered educational system helps the teachers to test, monitor and is considered one of the best teaching tools in the industry. For example, AI aids the tutors by taking the jobs of paper correcting, exam assessments and decision making with respect to the individual’s level.

This reduces the time-consuming tasks of teachers and elevates engaging time with the students.

2. Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is the key to acknowledge the depth of topic. It enhances student’s learning skills and abilities through self-motivation and accounting to scope of future.

E-learning, wherein the online platforms and technology gadgets are exploited, becomes a hub of personalized learning. It frees the students to have convenient time or place for studying, besides choosing the domain of interest on their own.
Personalized learning will be more effective since its student-centric, implying that students can opt the topic while the traditional method imposes the curriculum on to the students.

3. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality will be the key players in educational field in making the concepts more feasible and understandable to the students.

Augmented reality and virtual reality proffers originality or visual understanding of the theoretical knowledge in the educational field. With the advent of this technology, education may be made simpler and more interesting or inspiring.

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For instance, a working of the bike-engine, if explained visually with a demo of engine anatomy in detail, would create enthusiasm and learning curiosity among students.

4. Skill-based Education

Skill-based education educates indepth knowledge of the title. It is likely related to the personalized learning and student-centric learning.
Education on basis of skills is high in demand, since conventional learning fails to teach the way of applying the knowledge to the real-world. Fortune companies in the world entitles the same that it readily employs people with sufficient skills, though not having college degree of certification.
As education is all about preparing students towards employments, probing and learning the skills that match personal interests and demands of the world and getting versed in the skills would enhance the life of the student.

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5. Edutainment

Edutainment is a blended word of ‘Education’ + ‘Entertainment’. Well, etymology itself hints the meaning of the topic. Edutainment is the way of learning with fun filled entertainment aspect. One of the leading ways to get students be fanatical, is through gamification.

Gamification involves games or competitions among students, wherein they are assessed on knowledge and encourages them by awarding scores. This enriches the problem solving, being updated and incite of learning amidst learners.

The reach of smartphones and gadgets in this millennium clears the path of being educated and updated by easy means.

6. Collaborative learning with Technology

Collaborative or combined learning with the like-minded students helps in collective and broad knowledge gain of a realm. Collaborative learning development enables developers of learning systems to work as a network. Specifically, relevant to e-learning where developers can share and build knowledge into courses in a collaborative environment. Knowledge of a single subject can be pulled together from remote locations using software systems and technology.

Collaborative learning in a composition classroom can unite students when assigned open-tasks. This enables the students to socialize and be cooperative in the world, which would be highly beneficial while working in companies and organizations.

7. Internships / Educational Tours

Students will be better prepared to identify and grab job opportunities provided they are exposed to real world experiences. Since the underlying purpose of education is to make a mark for yourself in your chosen field of work, internships offer a close-up to the corporate environment or job culture.

Internships are promising since they extend their classroom learnings to familiarize themselves with the workplace environment.
Internships, educational tours, in-plant trainings bridge the gap between the learned knowledge and ability of skilful applying of those knowledges in the industry or company.


Education is a tool to embellish your lifestyle and possess a stable living. Today’s reality sees a huge slit between education and industrial / world demand, wherein people feel tough of proper using of the acquired knowledge. While some feel exhausted of doing insipid job. Japanese culture of ‘ikigai’ states that, performing your heartful activities twinning with the wants of world propitiates your life.

In short, preparing oneself to the need and demand of the world and pacifying his/her passion simultaneously would enhance the life to greater means.



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