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What is Wordle? How to Play? Tricks & Tips – All you need to know

In recent times, you might’ve seen people adding some blocks with three colors – grey, yellow and green, with words mentioning as ‘Wordle xxx’ in their stories of Instagram or statuses of WhatsApp. It’s nothing but a word-game that got viral in 2022, nine years after it got sowed for prototype.

So, what’s the game is about and how / where to play it?

Wordle is a 5-letter word game played in online website. The word game is more of like 5-minute brain-teaser game on your leisure time, tea-breaks or commutes. Being simplest in playing & setting off the mind, the game is for all ages.

Wordle Game – How to Play it?

Let’s get into the game. Wordle releases a new word every-day and is of-course a five-letter word and players have six chances to catch out the word of the day. As you hit play of the game, getting into the website, you’ll see 6*5 boxes (six rows & five columns). Players should write any five-letter word on its first row.

Upon every correct letter in its correct place, the block will be highlighted in green. If the letter seems to be correct but placed in a wrong position, yellow will be filling it. And a wrong letter gets grey block.

This tingles users to arrive at the correct word within six chances. If you’ve derived the correct word, obviously you win the game and you lose on cases of not framing the word.

Simple game, isn’t it? Well, you should put your mind for it.

Ways to crack the word

Every game that exists in the world has a ploy, via which sailing through its difficult levels seldom seem that much difficult. In this case too, you just need to put your senses together before reaching the word. Don’t throw up random words, giving a shot to your lucks.

First of all, one should try out a five-letter word that has no repeating letters in it – example ‘Beast’. If any letters of the first word matches, showing green / yellow blocks, the job get halved. If not, try another word with different letters than that of your first word (here: word having no ‘b,e,a,s,t’).

Also, avoid doing these, trying out set of words starting / having same set of letters, when you get 2 or 3 letters correct. Instead, frame words having remaining letters.

This is a basic-trick that almost many could crack while playing it.

Here’s result of me playing the Wordle for the First time!

Wordle 301 4/6


Where to play Wordle?

As mentioned earlier, Wordle is available only for online playing and is accessed via the NYTimes’ site (Click Here). Players have to visit this page everyday to make the fun-cum-brainteaser going.

Though game app carrying the word ‘Wordle’ exists in playstore or Appstore, it’s not the official app of the game we are talking here.

If you left open the game-site in a new-tab, the winning-streak gets continued, just like the snap-streak, but better than that.

History of Wordle

Wordle was first concepted in 2013 by a Software Engineer, Josh Wardle, inspired by making a word-based version of the color-matching game ‘Mastermind’. Initially, putting some real challenge to its players with 13,000 possible five letter words existing in English Language, Wardle had lost interest on Wordle and set the prototype aside.

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Later when he encountered few other brainteasing games in NY Times during the COVID-19 pandemic time, Wardle thought of giving a try to his Wordle too, released it on October 2021.

Who can play Wordle?

Again, as I’ve been saying, the simple brain-teasing game has no age-restrictions to play it, however to make guesses & play it wisely, better if kids aged 6 and above play it.

The game’s simple nature and peculiarity of sharing the result of the game to closed ones, Wordle had attracted 3 million players around the world, according to ‘The Conversation’.

In fact, Pointless host Richard Osman, Countdown‘s Susie Dent and BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker have all praised the game on social media, often sharing their results. Whilst across the pond, US talk show host Jimmy Fallon is a fan. He even played along live during a recording of The Tonight Show.

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