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5 Best Tech Products in 2020

2020 has been a terrific year in the 21st century, blamed for taking off thousands of lives due to the pandemic. Yet, 2020 had made people strong and productive in many ways. Likewise, the technological enhancements of 2020 really owes a huge credit. 2020 has seen some novel tech-creations and developments in the industry, wherein top 5 fascinating products are listed out here.

Snapchat Spectacles 3

Snapchat Spectacles 3 launched in November 2020, captures your world in 3D with two HD cameras affixed to it. The specs capture high-quality 3D photos and 3D videos at 60fps. It has four in-built microphones, recording immersive and high-fidelity audio. Like in snaps, users can fill 3D effects to your world while videoing it. Perhaps you could also add so, after capturing; thanks to its feasibility of wireless syncing of photos and videos to your phone.

Purchase of the specs also includes a 3D viewer, where you can even relive your favorite memory or step into another perspective and invite a friend to experience it on YouTube VR too.

The fantabulous spectacles that capture your world is priced at $410 (₹29,999/-).

Samsung Sero

Welcome to Samsung’s innovative step to its TV industry, that has the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations, “Samsung Sero TV”.

The 43-inch TV with rotating screen proffers you a magnificent view of your smartphone in its vertical orientation as your phone, after connecting it with the TV via SmartThings app or AirPlay 2. TV that moves to fit your contentIts Premium 4.1ch 60W speakers sounds esthetic and equips audio spatial intelligence to recognize potentially distracting sounds around you. It automatically clarifies voices on-screen through advanced sound signal processing so you don’t have to break focus on dialogues that matter.

No wonder, these make the price of Sero to $1698 (₹1,24,610).

KFC Gaming Console

Fast food chain KFC is launching a gaming console that warms up chicken simultaneously as you game in it.

“The chicken chamber will keep its contents hot, ready for consumption during intense gaming sessions,” KFC said.KFC said its new console had a custom-built cooling system that uses heat produced by its components to warm the chicken chamber.

The food chain advertised about the console June onwards through a video and it gained more than 11 million views on the KFC Gaming Twitter page. Many people thought it was a spoof.

But KFC confirmed its partnership with global hardware manufacturer Cooler Master to develop the console. The console fetches 4K experience through 120 fps and also has VR capabilities.

“We all know the console war is vicious, but we’re very confident in the KFConsole as our flagship entry,” added Mr Cheevers.

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Lexon Oblio Sanitizing Wireless Charger

Lexon’s Oblio is a beautiful place to sanitize your smartphone while charging it wirelessly. The vase-shaped wireless charger station houses in your smartphone and effectively kills viruses and bacteria that make ways into your mobile.

Oblio is engineered with ultraviolet light technology (UV-C LED) in its front interior that works as a sanitizer and disinfectant for smartphones. Limiting the exposure to viruses and bacteria is something we can all appreciate the importance of today. This is why Oblio has been proven through lab testing to kill 99.9% of viruses, including H1N1.

Oblio has been Qi-certified and charges your smartphone fully in 3-hours wirelessly. A LED-indicator on it, confirms you the correct positioning and charging status of your mobile.

It costs around $93-$95 (₹6850 approx.). Buy it here!

Segway S-Pod

Segway’s newest self-balancing vehicle won’t require you to stand up. Dubbed the S-Pod, the new egg-shaped two-wheeler from Segway-Ninebot is meant to let people sit while they effortlessly cruise around campuses, theme parks, airports, and maybe even cities — all of the same places you’d expect to see one of the company’s iconic (if still a bit dorky) stand-up vehicles.

The S-Pod balances the person on it by the same gyroscopic self-balancing technology. S-Pod affixes joystick on the right hand of the chair, for controlling the direction & speed of it, unlike regular Segway, which is driven by leaning on preferable sides, we wish to go.

The electric S-Pod speeds up to whopping 24 miles per hour and is inspired from gyrosphere of Jurassic World. The company planned the sale in the early days of 2021.

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Comment down any other interesting tech product that awed you in 2020!☻♥

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