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Story of Pranjali, 16-yr Indian Girl, who owns ₹100 Crore worth AI Firm

100 Crore Firm by Indian girl

This 16-yr-old Indian Girl, named Pranjali Awasthi settled in Florida, had started an AI company in 2022 called Delv.AI, which is now worth ₹100 Crores.

Starting a venture and becoming a phenomenal success in a short-span of time is a fantasy dream of every entrepreneur. Though there have been many success-stories of companies, this is unique and quite interesting in many aspects, starting from the fact that a 16-yr-old girl is the founder of the firm.

Pranjali Awasthi, 16-yr-old Indian prodigy has surprised the internet world recently, after her AI startup reached a valuation of ₹100 crore.

16-yr-old’s journey ₹100 Crore Firm

Pranjali, who started her coding journey at an age of seven, has now come far to own an AI firm, and she hasn’t completed her schooling yet. Being born to a man, who promotes computer science education in schools, Pranjali’s curiosity in technology sparked at an early age. When her family relocated to Miami in Florida, during her age 11, she got opportunities of accessing computer science classes and competitive math programs.

At a very young age of 13, she did her internship at the research labs of Florida International University, which had become the origin of her entrepreneurial life. The internship introduced her to machine learning projects, where Pranjali actively engaged with the emerging techs like AI. It was the time, when pandemic hit and she was attending high school virtually.

Concurrently, it was also the time when OpenAI released ChatGPT-3 beta, from where her firm’s idea sparked on to her. Pranjali worked on the idea, that is to streamline research data extraction and summarization using AI. Birthing out Delv.AI, she set the mission as ‘to leverage machine learning to enhance data extraction processes and dismantle data silos’.


Delv.AI generally aids in extracting insights from any given texts instantly, and also helps to query and summarize the input docs. You can have Q&A sessions with your own docs, where the AI will answer any question from the input document. Not just that, but it is capable of generating graphs, pie charts, heat maps and tree maps on its own, if a valid data is provided as input.

The firm primarily focuses on aiding researchers in accessing genuine and specific information amidst cluster of online content. Pranjali joined an AI startup accelerator in Miami, and released the beta version of Delv.AI on Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a platform that facilitates the sharing of software for free. This has created an exceptional success for the firm. “I launched the beta for Delv.AI on Product Hunt, during the residency on my birthday – I’d just turned 15. It became the number three product of the day,” she told Business Insider India.

Pranjali Awasthi unveiled her US-based AI startup at the Miami Tech Week event.

Pranjali Awasthi then managed to secure investments from On Dech and Village Global. As in whole, Delv.AI raised $450,000 (₹3.7 Crore) in funding and currently Delv.AI is valued at $12 million approximately (₹100 Crores).

Pranjali has decided to defer her college plans for expanding her company, but aspires to acquire business skills in future, in order to amplify her entrepreneurial journey. She takes care of coding, operations and HR part of the business and has a team of experienced people, who are actually older than her.

“I start my days with running and prepping for my team’s daily huddle. As my team members are older than me, good communication is key, as is knowing when to take the reigns,” she told. The 16-yr-old founder proves that age doesn’t matter for running a business successfully in the world, but the potentiality.

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