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Time Traveler Man? – A short story that make us believe Time Travel is Real

A big parley of the last 2 centuries in the Science world, is if Time Travel is real or not. Several suggestions, theories, and philosophies may portray the subject to be theoretically possible, there exists number of knots to be untangled in reality. Though few people claim that they are time-travelers from future, there isn’t exact proof for the same. But this kinda story is exceptional which makes the readers actually be convinced by time-traveling.

Let’s get into the story.

In the year 2003, a 44-yr old man, Andrew Carlssin, was arrested in March of the year for U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) violations after making 126 high-risk stock trades and being successful on each one of them. High-risk stocks are those in which even Warren Buffett, the best investor in the world, have a success probability of just 60-70%, which means no one in the world can be 100% perfect in the market, nevertheless he actually knows the future.

Andrew Carlssin had started with an initial investment of only $800, and in merely two weeks, he ended with over $350,000,000. That comes for 43,749,900% of profit in just 14 days. What got SEC stunned is Andrew not losing even a single Dollar on those investments, despite earning a lumpsum. Such a proliferation in his assets in cash drew the attention of FBI.

Andrew then, was put under the suspicion of insider trading, an illegal practice of trading, having access to confidential documents. FBI booked him for interrogation and after four hours of cross examination, the information uttered by the man seemed to be a whammy answer for the officials.

Andrew Carlssin claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2256. Obviously, in the future, people would have known about the volatility of the stock market of that era, and people already knowing of it, could easily take its advantage.

Probably the same happened in case of Andrew’s too. Being summoned under FBI, he offered the FBI investigators to reveal the information about the where abouts of Osama Bin Laden, and a cure for AIDS, in exchange for being released and allowed to return to his time-craft.

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While Andrew did talk about so many things, he seldom revealed any information about his time machine and technology. He didn’t talk about the location of the machine or the working of it as he feared that the technology would fall into the wrong hands.

This creepy reply didn’t convince the FBI, instead they thought of him as a lunatic or a pathological liar. However, to the surprise of everyone, shortly after being arrested, he was released on a bail, on account of $1 Million posted by a mysterious man for it.

When Andrew was due on 3rd April, for hearing in court, he disappeared never to be found again. The FBI set up an inquiry but couldn’t trace the origin of Carlssin before December 2002, as if he never existed before that date.

Andrew even offered a picture of his proof. To top it all, he made predictions about the exact date of the invasion of Iraq, which actually happened to be perfect. But still, it’s a mystery where he’d gone out of records.

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Several incidents and people claimed to be the victim of time-travel, but most of that goes vain in belief. Andrew doesn’t end up there, eventually. Still, Andrew is believed to be a man from future.

Do you think, time-traveling would be successful in future?

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