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Future Drinks – 3D Printed & 2D Printed Drinks

While pondering the extent to which technology will be ameliorated for the betterment of humans and world, it conceded to prepare a drink that is artificially natural. Days when it’s exploited for producing pitchers to bottle up the drinks are surpassed by these days, where the drinks itself are technologically harvested. These Beverage Companies upgrade the food & beverage industry to the next level by 3D printing the drinks. Know it better, by skimming the article.

Smart Cups

Smart Cups is the World’s First Beverage company that printed the drinks in cups, paving 3D printed drinks. Smart cups manufacture cups, printed with ingredients all over it and now customers just have to pour water, to taste the energy drink.

“With the ability to print ingredients onto any type of surface, our technology reimagines the way beverages are manufactured, packaged, transported and consumed. At the end of the day, we are working to create a new standard for environmentally conscious products and paving the way to a brighter, more sustainable future”, Says, the company.Smart cups can print beverage ingredients right inside of cups made out of eco-friendly bioplastic material. Every time you want to taste a drink, all you have to do is pour some water and the drink mixes itself within 45-90 seconds, after being dissolved fully.

The firm also enjoys shipping compatibility. Let’s put that into perspective- a truck that would ordinarily carry 96,000 12oz cans of soda, can instead carry 1.2 million Smart Cups thanks to the stackable, waterless design. This translates to a reduction in shipping weight and reduction in CO2 emissions.


Coffee lovers, who calls to have a ‘heart’ ♥ on their coffee could now possibly order drinks with printed texts and indeed images on it.Digitize Your Drinking Experience!

Ripples decrees it possible, thanks to Printing technology. Ripples specializes in 2D printing on beverage foams, anything the customer requests, from texts, logos, art and selfies in a 100% natural way. Offering beverages with stories on it, allures the customer, that’s what their ideology relies on.

The ripple maker rolls out as two devices: Ripple Maker AM for coffee and Ripple Maker PM for beer. That doesn’t stop there. Cocktails, milkshakes, nitro cold brew and more, could also be digitized with stories.

Anyone can buy the beverage- 2D printer, a user-friendly device that could be a marketing cogency for your coffee-shop & parties.

Perfect & new style to start your proposal with your loved ones!

Print A Drink

Ripples does print only on the foam of beverages, in 2D. Why not to try 3D? Realizes and actuates, this “Print A Drink” company.

Print A Drink is the World’s First 3D printing technology for drinkable liquids. The technology merges methods from robotics, life sciences and design to explore a completely new field of 3D-Printing. Rather than building up objects layer by layer, the process uses a high-end industrial robot to accurately inject microliter-drops of edible liquid into a cocktail. Within a minute, Print A Drink can build up complex 3D structures in a wide range of drinks – creating fascinating augmented cocktails using only natural ingredients.

As a pioneer it pushes the boundaries of additive manufacturing into an entirely new field. Despite its high degree of innovation, Print A Drink is a very flexible process. For the 3D drinks, conventional fruit juices, syrups, water and alcohol can be used. The printing process works without artificial ingredients.

Print A Drink’s founder Greimal developed the idea at the University of Arts and Design, Linz and looks forward to target bars or events, especially industrial gatherings and success meets with logos printed in the drink.

Bulleit Whiskey

Bulleit, a Whiskey merchandise also took the giant step to the frontiers of technology and urban renewal by incorporating edible microliters in the drink. The 3D printings in the whiskey-drink were done also involving humans to visualize the print. In April 2019, they presented at the Tribeca Film Festival with an entire set created by 3D printing specialist MachineHistories and designed by FAR frohn&rojas. They served a cocktail named the Bulleit Beta Test Cocktail that was created by bartender Melissa Markert and printed by robotics technology from Print A Drink.

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