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Gurgaon Man converts his Hyundai Santro into an EV with just ₹2.4 Lakhs

A man from India converts his gasoline Hyundai Santro into an EV at the cheapest rate ever. This is how he did it.

People tend to spend their free-time either by watching movies, eating and sleeping. This Gurgaon man had other ideas on being productive and had made a Hyundai Santro EV, all by himself. Yeah, he converted his Hyundai Santro which runs by gasoline to a complete electric vehicle with ₹2.5 Lakhs, the cheapest so far.

Mihir Vardhan from Gurgaon, India took his YouTube channel to elaborate and detail it out of how he converted his Santro into an EV for $3000 (₹2.4 Lakhs).

Converting a Gasoline Car to Electric

It’s never been impossible to convert a gasoline vehicle to an electric one, but there are certain things to consider before even thinking to switch to an EV. And that goes like the storage space, weight, chassis, transmission and type of vehicle.

Generally, while changing to electric vehicle, engine has to be fully removed from the gasoline vehicle, as it doesn’t make any sense in an EV. But, Mihir removes upper half of the engine known as the cylinder head and the pistons, instead of pulling out the whole engine. Leaving half the engine saves time, cash and energy than taking away the entire engine, he explains.

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He then makes an L-shaped motor mount after which fixes it atop the remaining engine block. This provides the car, power steering and air-conditioning with no additional motors.

Hyundai Santro EV

Turning the car to an EV, Mihir deployed a single 6kW, 72V Brushless DC Electric motor (BLDC) connected to a 350A Kelly Controller. In the trunk, sits the 72V 100Ah Lithium Ferrophosphate (LFP) battery.

As there was no alternator in the car, he used a 72-12V DC-DC converter, bringing down 72V from the battery to 12V for powering the central locks, power windows and the car’s lights. And he opted an electric brake booster vacuum pump to retain the power braking in the car.

Able to speed at 60km/hr to the maximum and a range of 80-90 km, the current specifications of the car make it a perfect EV to drive in the city, costing you less than ₹1/km to travel.

Performance of the car could be levelled up by fitting a larger motor and battery, he said.

Mitir received appreciations and congrats for his efforts of turning a car to EV at the cheapest price.

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“Congratulations Mihir This is fantastic! Often the simplest inventions as you describe your innovation are the most ingenious ones. It’s a perfect answer to a new clean energy fuelled transport with great potential for the whole wide,” a user commented. 

“It’s crazy how you got power steering and AC with the same drive motor!” a third user said.

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