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10 Smartphones with the Best Camera that you can Buy in 2023

Camera technology has improvised greatly within a decade compressing the capabilities of a professional camera into a smartphone, mostly without compromising the quality of pictures. Smartphones have been imitating the pinnacles of an original camera to closely bring the experience to handsets. By doing so, standard of clicking good pictures in mobiles have surged over years that puts a dozen of smartphones with the best camera in the list.

While professional cameras fully rely on sensor-technology capturing light details at the best, smartphone cameras take a different track of exploiting software to render the best quality image expected. Means, an original camera captures (or tries to) what’s exactly we see and modern smartphones is majorly on computational abilities to provide the best convincing picture, that could portray reality exactly or may be away from it.

Here are 10 Smartphones with the best camera that shows picture of exactly what we see rather than overperforming by adding filters into it. Also, the page will provide you finest camera quality smartphones inclusive of all brands rather than categorizing only Apple, Samsung and Google’s.

10 Best Camera Smartphones

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#1 Google Pixel 6A

The very first winner in the smartphone world with the finest quality camera is Google’s Pixel 6A, and interestingly the most affordable yet best camera phone you can buy. Pixel 6A offers best pictures in all standard, low-light and portrait modes, and topping the average overall ELO among smartphones, thanks to its great software. The model could be the best camera phone that’s most affordable in recent times.

The camera specifications may seem low than the peers, but the software computational power makes Pixel 6A a clear winner. Google had done really well in not in features, but in processors.

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Google Pixel 6ASpecifications
Display6.1 inches OLED, HDR
ProcessorGoogle Tensor
RAM & Storage6GB 128GB
CameraRear – 12.2 MP, 12MP; Front – 8MP
Battery4410 mAh
Price$310 in US; ₹29,890 in India

#2 Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro excels the camera-quality in the standard mode of taking pictures in second place, and the dominant player in portrait mode. It falls a little behind Pixel 6A, when analyzed as overall camera performance. It’s the best smartphone you can opt for in today’s world, where you can get iPhone 14 Pro’s matching performance at a cheaper price.

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Google Pixel 7 Pro Specifications
Display6.7 inches LTPO AMOLED, 120 Hz
ProcessorGoogle Tensor G2
RAM & Storage8GB 128GB, 8GB 256GB, 12GB 128B, 12GB 256GB, 12GB 512GB
CameraRear – 50MP, 48 MP, 12 MP; Front – 10.8 MP
Price$749 in US; ₹71,400 in India

#3 iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is everything you could ever want in a smartphone, including the best-in-class performance and cameras. The new 48MP main sensor is extremely powerful, offering crystal clear images with beautiful colors and lighting. The ultrawide lens also saw a bump in size, so it lets in more light. The telephoto sticks to 3x, which we think is a bit low given the competition.

The main sensor also sports 2x optical zoom on its own, letting you get that quad-pixel quality on a zoomed image. There’s Apple’s new Photonic Engine, which improves on the phone maker’s computational photography for mid- and low-light scenes. If you’re not considered about the prices, it’s definitely the best performing camera smartphone in the tech world after Google’s Pixel 6A & 7 Pro.

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iPhone 14 Pro MaxSpecifications
Display6.7 inches, LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED, 120 Hz
ProcessorApple A16 Bionic
RAM & Storage6GB 128GB, 6GB 256GB, 6GB 512 GB, 6GB 1TB
CameraRear – 48MP, 12MP, 12MP; Front – 12MP
Battery4323 mAh
Price$1100 in US; ₹1,39,000 in India

#4 Asus Zenfone 9

Asus Zenfone 9 comes fourth in the list of best camera phone with two bumpy cameras at its back – 50MP and 12MP. Equipping Sony’s IMX 766 sensor, Zenfone 9 has advanced auto-focus and six-axis gimbal stabilization making the smartphone’s camera too good for day and in portrait mode. The ultra-wide camera still captures details of the image elaborately. Night-mode have come out so well again with details but adding more sharpness than needed. Still, the camera of Asus Zenfone 9 makes it more natural and realistic, securing the fourth place.

Asus Zenfone 9Specifications
Display5.9 inches, Super AMOLED, 120 Hz
ProcessorSnapdragon 8+ Gen
RAM & Storage6GB 128GB, 8GB 128 GB, 8GB 256 GB, 16GB 256 GB
CameraRear – 50 MP, 12 MP; Front – 12 MP
Battery4300 mAh
Price$629 in USA; ₹63,990

#5 Oppo Find X5 Pro

Oppo had fabricated Oppo Find X5 Pro’s camera so well that it’s the best performing camera in standard mode surpassing even Pixel 6A and Pixel 7 Pro. Oppo Find X5 Pro equips new custom-made Mauro Silicon X NPU chip that enhances camera’s stabilization on lens. Find X5 Pro’s ultra-wide camera enables to take a best clear wide picture and could be used to close-up shots as it comes with autofocus too. The low light photographs are the best to mention with excellent details and dynamic range and even shadow details.

Oppo Find X5 ProSpecifications
Display6.7 inches, LTPO2 AMOLED, 120 Hz
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 1
RAM & Storage8GB 256GB, 12GB 256GB, 12GB 512GB
CameraRear – 50 MP, 13 MP, 50MP; Front – 32 MP
Battery5000 mAh
Price$625 in USA; ₹79,990 in India (starts at)

#6 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra proves Samsung’s quality of camera being the flagship, with impressive image quality in all areas – standard, wide-mode, low light and portrait. The shots are noise-free, excellent colors, clean and gives us a realistic feel. Specifically, wide-mode in a normal day and low-light night mode photography excels the smartphone amidst its peers, doing surprisingly well. If you’re looking for a branded smartphone doing great in camera, S22 Ultra might be for you, after Pixel’s.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraSpecifications
Display6.8 inches, Dynamic AMOLED, 120 Hz
ProcessorExynos 2200 in Europe; Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 – Rest of World
RAM & Storage8GB 128GB, 12GB 256GB, 12GB 512GB, 12GB 1TB
CameraRear – 108 MP, 10MP, 10MP, 12MP; Front – 40MP
Battery5000 mAh
Price$650 in USA; ₹90,249 in India (starts at)

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#7 Realme 10 Pro+

Realme 10 Pro+ provides a good performing camera experience in daylight and ultra-wide mode and a bright exposure to night mode with a realistic look. The portrait mode pictures came out really good in separation of the person and background and adding more detail to the photo. However, there’s no night-mode in wide-angle photography. Priced at a reasonable tag, the smartphone could be the cheapest yet uncompromised good camera quality.

Realme 10 Pro+Specifications
Display6.7 inches, AMOLED, 120 Hz
ProcessorMediatek MT6877V Dimensity 1080
RAM & Storage6GB 128GB, 8GB 128GB, 8GB 256GB, 12GB 256GB
CameraRear – 108 MP, 8MP, 2MP; Front – 16 MP
Price$269 in USA; ₹27,999 in India

#8 iPhone 14 Pro

Here comes most-anticipated Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro with exceptionally great camera specifications and features including Sony’s sensor, LiDAR scanner. The images of iPhone 14 Pro are impressive, natural and elegant in daylight, wide-mode and portrait mode too. The sharpness, colors and dynamic range are fantabulous in looks and are accredited for its wide-mode more often. The night mode captures the scene delicately adding more brightness than the reality. Though the smartphone is praised for immense camera-quality, there has been a hitch with iPhone 14 Pro’s camera – that is, the phone overprocesses the photo leading to more HDR correction making the photo artificial. We have discussed about this explaining the problem, you can read it here. This pushes Apple’s flagship in the 8th place.

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iPhone 14 ProSpecifications
Display6.1 inches, LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED, 120 Hz
ProcessorApple A16 Bionic
RAM & Storage6GB 128GB, 6GB 256GB, 6GB 512 GB, 6GB 1TB
CameraRear – 48MP, 12MP, 12MP; Front – 12MP
Price$999 in US; ₹1,29,900 in India

#9 Huawei Mate 50 Pro           

Huawei Mate 50 Pro delivers outstanding photos that’s more natural with its quad-camera on its back. The model does surprisingly well by making the photos real adding no to minimal HDR range. The intricate details are well balanced and has an awesome portrait mode with natural defocusing of background and captures even the shadow deliberately. The night mode photography gets the images brighter than the usual, capturing everything that may be likeable to some. However, autofocus in ultra-wide mode isn’t quite competitive with its peers.

Though it makes up to the list at ninth, Huawei mate 50 Pro is the best camera phone in Huawei.

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Huawei Mate 50 ProSpecifications
Display6.74 inches, OLED, 120 Hz
ProcessorSnapdragon 8+ Gen1
RAM & Storage8GB 256GB, 8GB 512 GB
CameraRear – 50MP, 64MP, 13MP; Front – 13MP
Price$1046 in US; ₹1,14,999 in India

#10 Google Pixel 7

The Pixel 7 is all about the Tensor processor, and the new Tensor G2 enables a lot of photo-friendly features like an improved Super Res Zoom for getting up close to objects without introducing a lot of blur or fuzziness to your photo. Speaking of blur, the Photo Unblur feature can touch up photos — even ones shot on different devices — so that they’re better focused.

Underwhelming battery life means you’ll need to charge up during marathon shooting sessions. But the Pixel 7 continues to reap the benefits of Google’s skill with computational photography.

The Pixel 7 starts at $599 — $300 less than its Pro sibling and $200 less than flagship phones with comparable specs.

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Google Pixel 7Specifications
Google Pixel 7Specifications
Display6.3 inches, AMOOLED, 90 Hz
ProcessorGoogle Tensor G2
RAM & Storage8GB 128GB, 8GB 256GB
CameraRear – 50MP, 12MP; Front – 10.8MP
Price$465 in US; ₹52,010 in India

Comparison of Pictures

Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7 Pro

How the Smartphones were chosen?

It’s more important to acknowledge the base of how the ranking is done as equal as knowing the ranking as well. Rather than going after specifications and features provided by the brand, the order is biased on image quality and how natural the images are, blind testing the pictures of respective models on comparison. The smartphones are compared on basis of ELO rating, which is a method for calculating relative best elements from the input, used in games like chess.

Referenced to a video by Marques Brownlee, wherein leading smartphones were compared on social-media allowing people to choose the best in its realness. 21.2 million Votes, done by 6,00,000+ users encapsulate the results seen above.

(For more such interesting technology and innovation stuffs, keep reading The Inner Detail).

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