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Get Paid for Sleeping – Ways to earn money by Sleeping

Sleeping is the greatest ever natural relief that a mankind can get. It’s an hobby for many and could be the only time of peace, especially for teenage students with lots of drama going around in their life. We all would have thought in some point of life that it would be better if someone paid for us while sleeping or for sleeping.

In fact, I had come across a meme writing ‘If sleeping is an art, then I’m the Picasso of it’, that surfed in the social-media.

Who doesn’t hate sleep, unless one is somnambulism?

Coming to the topic, there are companies recruiting people for just to let them sleep and you’ll be surprised that one such company pays ₹10 lakhs for you sleeping. Have to believe it, even it seems absurd. Remember, the only task is ‘Sleeping’.

Ways to Get Paid for Sleeping


Wakefit, a mattress, bed and other furniture selling company based in Bangalore, India, now hires interns for sleeping and is ready to pay you ₹10 lakhs, on being the best performer in the sleeping competition, conducted by them.

The firm hires people all over from India as an intern and provides them a mattress each. The only task they are asked to is sleeping for 9hours/day straight for 100 days. And as said, you’ll be winning ₹10 lakhs if you become the top-performer, and no worries of not gaining ten lakhs, as all the interns would be provided ₹1 lakh as stipend.

Wakefit conducts this internship only once in year since 2020. So far, two seasons had completed, one in each year, with third season expected this year.

The company also have some preferred qualifications that goes like this:

  • A completed degree in any field.
  • A strong sense of self control while scrolling through social feeds and the ability to curb binge watching, even at a season finale level.
  • Should be able to fall asleep within 10-20 minutes of hitting the pillow – or any flat sleeping surface.
  • Should have a sleep conducive lifestyle – no late-night snacking, excessive intake of caffeine or alcohol. A fitness regimen is a bonus.
  • A curiosity for all things sleep, with sleep tips at his/her fingertips.
  • A newfound propensity to fall asleep during virtual calls or meetings.
  • A new approach of dressing and remaining in pyjamas/shorts/nightclothes 24/7.

You can apply for the internship here, on cases if the firm post a season-3.

Wakefit actually specializes in making soothing mattresses and other sleep-related furniture and so, conducts a study on their own mattresses.

Bed and Mattress Tester

Imagine, you’ve been hired for just to lie on mattresses, hug the pillows and have a good sleep. One more thing you’ve to do here, review your sleep and the bed, so goes the job called – Bed & Mattress Tester.

A dream job for clinophiles, Bed & Mattress Testers test beds, mattresses and assist for bedding companies during their new product developments. The testing individuals are paid to sleep as they test out each product. The pay for bed-testers costs like from $80/hour to annual salary of about $41,483 (₹31.8 Lakhs), according to

Numerous companies offer bed and mattress testing roles. For instance, a mattress company, Sonno, was looking for participants that would use their mattresses for 100 nights and report back on the quality of their sleep. UK bed brand, Olivia’s, was also in search of ‘comfort connoisseurs’ who were paid £60 ($80) per hour to test out a range of beds.

Finally, if you’re a clinophile (person who loves sleeping), all you need to do is explore the best company that pays you good and get a job doing your favorite thing – sleep.

Sleep Executives

Sleep Executives are similar to that of Bed Testers only in the fact that, sleep executives will be reviewing the situations or the environment around during sleeping while bed-testers writes up only the mattresses.

Interior specialist companies regularly hire sleep executives and are accustomed to sleep under varying conditions to evaluate curtains, lightings, blinds and shutters.

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For instance, light intensities and curtains are adjusted to different levels for studying out how it impacts the quality of sleep in a room.

Interior designers advertise for sleep executives and can pay from $140 per day to $33,500 pro rata.

Sleep for NASA

NASA conducts bed rest studies to help astronauts in space as well as people who are bedridden on Earth. As a bed rest study subject, you can use this professional sleeping job as a way to make a difference in science and make money as a test subject.

Sleep subjects sleep in a six-degree head tilt position. They are monitored during the trial. This helps scientists to study how the brain adapts to the positioning in addition to understanding the effects of fluids shifting in the body. Future job openings can be found on

House-Sitter Job

Join to connect with families who are looking for a house sitter while they are away. House sitters take care of plants, gardens, and light cleaning and dusting while the family is away. As a house sitter, you can get paid to live in someone else’s home while getting paid to sleep and nap.

Brilliance and Wisdom reveal in exploiting a simple thing to make use for the living. And turning your hobby or lifestyle into a money-earning hustle is one of the best things you can do in your life. Not just revolving around this sleeping job, but let your mind think of the opportunities to see money from your hobby, so that you get paid casually for doing what you’ve been doing.

Have a good day!

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