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This ₹5,990 iPhone Smart Cover has a Screen to display your Pictures

E-Vogue Smart cover

A unique iPhone cover comes to the market, which has a screen on it, and lets you to display any picture in the screen. And the smart back-case doesn’t have any battery or Bluetooth mode to do so, but works on NFC and e-ink technology.

Days are gone where only the phone is smart. Nowadays, even the accessories are getting smarter starting from earphones, rings and now indeed phone’s back-covers. For people who need a unique back-cover where you can change the look of it every time you want, here is Auxxy’s E-Vogue smart cover.

E-Vogue Smart cover

The smart cover blends the latest technologies to allow you to display any image on your phone’s back-case. The back-cover uses NFC technology for connecting with your iPhone and via a dedicated app available in App Store, you can personalize the cover’s display with your favorite picture.

For displaying the picture, the case has a screen supported by e-ink technology, the same tech present in Amazon’s Kindle & BMW’s color-changing car. As e-ink tech requires little to zero power to light up, it doesn’t need any battery.

You can change the cover’s display as many times as you want or as often as you like. Currently it’s available only for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models and the website has no information if it’ll be making smart covers for androids too.

However, the expensive price of the back-case at ₹5,990 puts a second thought before purchasing. You can order the smart cover HERE.

Auxxy also lists another product – a magnetic call recorder for iPhone with wireless instant transfer for ₹4,990.

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