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Latest Robotic Innovations – Part I

Robotics has developed to be a significantly large-field and it’s not an end to the track. Years after years, the field sees innovations and implementations of ideas worldwide. Mainly accounted for its manufacturing capability and effectiveness, now robots are adhered to every possible field that demands further development. Starting from medical, home-assistants and work-space, it had extended its worth to nearly $12.9 Billion, as of 2019 and expected to be $98.91 Billion by 2023.

The innovations it made is fascinating to read through and here are some fascinations of the kind!


This insect-sized bot developed by MIT Team, is just a size of a cent, 12 times lighter than a paperclip and features great possibilities to conventional drones. RoboBees uses electrostatic energy, to cling on to any flat surface like tree leaves, your ceilings and capture the view while clinging. The researchers tell that these bee shaped bots are effortless while perching, requiring 500 to 1000 times lower energy than that of flying.

Future incarnations of the bee with tiny cameras & sensors could provide a bird’s-eye view of disaster zone area, detecting hazardous agents and short-range captures. The bee is as light as 0.08 grams and keeps on a challenge for engineers to design a battery to its match. Being light, it is prone to breezes of wind often; hence forcing a tethered flight.

Google’s Personality Robots

Whether we adhere to robotic revolution or not, giant techs like Google invoked robots in all possible means. In the aspect, recently Google patented “Personality robots”, wherein robots could behave as human-like personalities clogged with emotions and characters. The bots are enabled to download the required personality from the cloud and fake so. A robot could hold multiple personalities for handling different people.

Google says that personality robots could replace more or less your expected imaginary girlfriend or business advisor to the best mean. The robot personality also has a base personality construct to provide states or moods representing transitory conditions of happiness, fear, surprise, perplexion (e.g. The Woody Allen Robot), thoughtfulness, derision (e.g., the Rodney Dangerfield Robot) and so on.

UR-3 Robotic Arm

Universal Robots designed a robotic arm called by the name, UR-3, a small and nimble, flexible and collaborative arm that is well versed in producing of its kind. The Denmark robotic firm’s new arm suits best for light assemblies and working in automated scenarios, including in electronic circuits. The firm says these collaborative arms are specially developed, having small & medium industries as targets, as the robot would ease the working atmosphere.

An important feature in the arm is its capability to trace the shape of a product for its work, for example, gluing, rather than following pre-configured path, that would require prior coding applications.

EMILY – a Lifeguard Robot

For every person, who thought of Jack should be saved in Titanic, technology had made this new EMILY robot, which serves to be a lifeguard launched from a helicopter, (or from a boat or bridge) and targeted to rescue the floating people. This Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard had already achieved in its vision by rescuing some 300 Syrian refugees from drowning off the Greek island of Lesbos.

EMILY is remote controlled and fetches a two-way radio system to let rescuers to interact with the floating people and see them via a video camera. The robotic lifeguard has a propulsion system that makes it to zip at 22mph. EMILY is undisturbed by any waves, reefs and even rocks, thanks to its indestructible design, made of aircraft-grade composites and Kevlar.
There’s a superhero now for the drowning people.

Saul – The disinfectant robot

633rd Medical Group of U.S. Air Force says that it’s proud to have the first Disinfectant Robot in Air Force Hospital, the “Saul”, a germ-zapping robot, capable of killing the viruses (including Ebola) & other pathogens with the onset of technology.

According to the implementation manager of the robo-make company Xenex, after patient and operation rooms are cleaned, the robot uses pulses of high-intensity, high energy ultraviolet rays 25,000 times brighter than florescent lights to split open bacterial cell walls and kill dangerous pathogens commonly found in hospitals.

Saul is able to kill a single strand of ribonucleic acid, like that of a virus similar to Ebola, two meters out in any direction, within five minutes at an efficiency rate of 99.9 %.

Domino’s Delivery Robot

Domino’s Australia is working on to let Robots to deliver pizzas.

The Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU) is a ground drone that is able to navigate to the customer’s doorstep with the help of sophisticated on-board sensors. And here’s the best part—it keeps the food piping hot by warming it in its on-board oven along the way. Domino’s created the robot with the help of Marathon Robotics. The design was based on a military drone and its cargo hold is PIN-code protected. DRU is undergoing early testing in Australia, which will hopefully lead to these things being deployed further afield.

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Zenbo of Asus

Asus had really done a breathtaking job in its Zenbo, a companion robot for households, putting off all your minor tasks to him, like switching on/off the TV, light and other electronic appliances, maintaining your privacy by intimating you of any offbeat entries and lot more. Take a look here, to see what all can zenbo do!

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While, swarm robotics has been regarded a separate field of robotics, due to its high accountability value and prevalence in future. Swarm robotics holds best credits in construction industry, wherein small multi-robots work as a system to build on a plan, inspiring the similar aspect of termite.

World is keen on upgrading itself, exploiting technology & robotics just with a single mission ‘making easier & independent’. It’s everywhere replacing humans, accounting to its possibilities and efficiencies. This forces to a conclusion of

“Update Yourself”

Drop your comments, if you had come across any new robotic interventions.


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