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How India’s TATA Group controls 24% of Global Internet?

The prime invention that had let people to communicate, learn, acknowledge, experience without boundaries is the ‘internet’. In this modern 21st century, one can’t imagine even a day without internet. Outlook won’t work, no meetings in Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp chats make no sense, YouTube buffers and if it extends, we would be driven back to medieval age within a couple of days.

Just imagine COVID lockdown in 2020 & 2021, how drastic it would have been without internet!

Though no single human can actually take control of the internet, a company from India controls 24% of Global Internet’s functioning.

TATA Communications, a part of TATA Groups is responsible for 24% of the Global Internet and its absence sharply disrupts the intercontinental connections as they play a vital role connecting the world. Here is why.

Underwater Cables by Tata

Oceans are one of the prime medium for internet wherein almost 99% of our internet comes from underwater cables in the ocean, according to reports. Thin cables laying on the seafloor transmit international data connecting the world and Tata communications contributes ¼th of that.

Tata’s global infrastructure comprises one of the largest and most sophisticated subsea optic fiber cable networks on earth. That amount of fiber is enough to wrap itself around the earth 15 times, but Tata use it to connect six continents together.

Tata had partnered with SEACOM (Pan-African telecommunications service provider) & TGN-Eurasia, extending their wires globally.

Tata is responsible for over 130,000 miles of fiber cables under the sea and 400 PoPs, connecting more than 240 countries and territories around the world.

Tata equips 1 million square feet of data center and collocation space worldwide.

Significance of Tata Internet Cables

As Tata shares 24% of internet media, any disrupt to it would mean 24% of no internet, that’s 24% of time (involving internet) getting wasted in a day. Your emails would be received much later than intended and you would experience the haunting buffer symbol every time you tried to video chat.

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Tata communications carry 53 billion minutes of international wholesale voice traffic annually – that’s 1 in 10 voice calls globally and 7,600 petabytes of data on our internet backbone monthly.

To deduce it, right now 100,000+ are calling another country using Tata’s Voice network, in addition to 15+ TB/s of international bandwidth lit capacity.

It’s really majestic and laudable that how Tata had grown up over the years. In fact, to spice up a little, World’s Tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ has 39,000 tons of Tata Steel and is air-conditioned by Tata Voltas AC.

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