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How Subconscious mind can get you success?

In this technological world, the finest and intricate design that ever made over a span of 3 million years of human existence is nothing but the human brain. The human brain is the master of all inventions; and medically, most vital for working of the body. It can create/created wonders as computers, robots, vehicles and the recent deed of capturing a black hole. It is still under process to come out with new surprises.

So, what is brain made of? Or what made the brain to sketch out such wonders? Let’s briefly take a look on this.

The human brain or mind has two divisions; one, conscious mind & the other, subconscious (preconscious or unconscious mind). The conscious mind is responsible for every action you do, the plans you make, i.e., to the point, the actions/gestures you do consciously. Whereas subconscious mind is the thing, that makes you perform the actions unconsciously. Let me give an example. Have you ever experienced that you drove the vehicle, thinking of something else & later get to know that how you had driven? To be clearer, your hand pulls out from the fire in milliseconds, that you mistakenly felt it. Have you done these things consciously? Absolutely no. Its that part of your mind, that did the job; the subconscious mind. The job is done without your awareness. Thus, it is the part of the mind that is not currently in focal awareness.

You cannot possibly understand the true strength that resides within you, until you realize the power of Subconscious Mind!

According to Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, there is a limit to what can be held in the conscious mind and an alternative storehouse of one’s knowledge and prior experience is needed. The information that is stored in the conscious mind is temporary. Wherein, the subconscious mind is held with permanent memory. It is the knowledge you practice often or experience you have been acquiring. So, how can you put in the knowledge or information in this precious mind? How the subconscious mind helps you to achieve the goal? That’s what this blog deals about.

4 Simple ways to program the subconscious mind to achieve the goal:


The starting point of all inventions is the dream that sparks in the mind. More than dreams, it’s the desire that urges the person to achieve. The desire should be strong enough that makes the person adamant to fulfill it, though it takes years and demands more efforts. It should be a burning desire. The desire should not be given off, when circumstances fail to act positive or success is not visible even as an atom over days of effort. You should be clear enough that your desire is what you want to achieve. Everyone seeks to achieve high. So, Dream high. Make sure that you fulfill your desire, Whatever It Takes. Desire should not be once in a while for days; it should be frequent enough as a daily habit. I can say, practice to dream or desire daily. Cultivate it as a habit. Before you get in to your bed, make your time to desire. Not just desire, write it down in a paper and read it twice daily; after you wake up & before you go to bed. This may seem childish, but it works. Remember, children are the one who settles only after they meet their needs.


To accumulate things in the subconscious mind, the thinking or desire should be mixed with emotions. Emotional feelings get directly injected into the subconscious mind. That’s why LOVE and SEX have a strong illusion in the mind. Faith is a kind of emotion; when mixed with desire, creates a firm impact in the subconscious mind. So, how to develop faith? The simple thing is that, be optimistic. Expect only the success until you succeed it. When you firmly believe on your thinking, & act to make it into your reality, the whole universe work/help for you to achieve your thinking. That’s the power of faith. It may not seem logical. But when you compare it with the inventions of great leaders & the process of inventing, it is logical. Henry Ford, believed that he will come out with the Six-cylinder engine, which his workers/project-mates thought of impossible. Few years later, the engine created the huge impact in the Ford industry.

Develop yourself the thinking of being in the state of your imagination; Think yourself to have your dream possession. To be precise, imagine yourself to be acquired by the stuffs or results when you achieve the goal. When you get out of your imagination, your reality itself urges you to possess the stuffs, that you acquired while imagining. Believe the mind! Have faith in your strength! Have faith in yourself!

Faith is the basis of all miracles and all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science!


This is the most influential sign that you can do to create a potent force to touch the gold. What you feed is what you become; a simple logic. Auto suggestions are affirmations that are insisted in the mind. The positive you insist, the positive it reacts. You are what you think of yourself. If you believe that you can achieve, create affirmations as “I CAN DO IT”, “TODAY IS MY DAY”, “I AM & I WILL BE THE WINNER” in your mind. Auto suggest the positive things whenever you are faced with a challenge. If you keep on insisting the mind, that you can do it, the subconscious mind beliefs or gets in what you preach. So, create the optimism in your thinking & auto-suggest it.


Now your subconscious mind, is filled with the desire mixed faith, and you keep on auto-suggesting it. This induces a fire within you, to get out of the reality, to work, to achieve, to live the dream. Can you experience the night before the tour, in your childhood days? It is excitingly filled with expectations, that makes you to be awake & not fall asleep. The same applies here too. When you have desire, mixed with emotion, the mind doesn’t allow you to rest. This is not a belief, but a fact. Then, you are ready mentally; but not yet physically.

Now your mind asks where to start with.? This is where, many people struggle to overcome. When you have a plan to achieve, plan it down into the least dividable component. When you sketch it over the paper, you will have the idea of where to start. Write down the pros and cons. Work it out. Its not doing the big thing in a day. It’s developing small habits day by day consistently, like an integration process. That’s how the big ideas are made into existence. This is where, you showcase yourself, how your mental being is. Your success is the result of your mind and action, at the end.

Dream/desire without a plan and action is just a wish!

These 4 steps may seem so simple but not as easy to follow as you think. It’s just like, holding a glass of water in your fully stretched hand is simple; but you can’t hold it for hours. Mindful work, consistently matters. Once you learn and cultivate this methodology, to program your subconscious mind, anything you want is possible. If you want to fly by yourself without technology, of course you can; as it is proved by Vignesh, a Magician from Tamilnadu, India. The man cum magician amazed the humans by flying 160 feet, just using magic tricks & application of science. He had taken 10 years to surprise so. Here’s where the subconscious mind assisted to earn wings.

As a deadline,

Subconscious mind makes Impossible, Possible!

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