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Indian YouTuber made a Single-wheeled & Self-Balancing KTM Bike: Watch

A Youtuber from India built a single-wheeled, self-balancing KTM bike entirely from scratch, that looks cool and surprising.

Modern YouTubers are becoming more creative and innovative in their works to stand out and the stuffs they build, sometimes transpires to be the first-ever kind in the world. Similar to a YouTuber who made a huge 27000000 mAh power-bank, here is another instance of a crazy-idea – single wheeled, self-balancing bike.

This youtuber-team is not an exception of that. A YouTube channel called ‘Creative Science’ from India had made the single-wheeled bike, giving it the colors and look of KTM and videoed the making.

Single-wheeled Self-balancing Bike

Starting from scratch, they first grab a fuel tank from a Yamaha FZ and slaps it on frame of pipes, thereby laying out the figure for the bike. They made a single seat then onto the frame of pipes and finishes of the chassis of the bike. Painting out in KTM’s color palettes, the tank was decked out with KTM sticker.

The entire chassis now affixed to the wheel, and then the handlebar is added. A stylish cafe racer seat was bolted onto the rear subframe, and a lower subframe was added for extra stability.

Powered by dozens of batteries put together by themselves (no information about the battery), the bike is added with a MCB switch to get the wheel rolling. By just flipping the switch the bike offers a ride for you. Though the single-wheeler is powered by batteries, it’s not like a nominal bike, but it works at least for the video.

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The key component is the self-balancing sensor, which makes the scooter balance itself. But it has to be installed and calibrated properly or else the scooter won’t stand up straight. The sensor connects to the throttle cable via wires.

The e-Vehicle can’t be expected to speed us through, as the bike is not a regular bike, but just takes a rough ride. They hadn’t spoken anything about the battery-power, if it’s rechargeable, or any intricate details of the bike. But it looks cool to watch it though.

Self-balancing unicycles use gyroscopes and sensors to maintain balance. The gyroscope spins at a high speed and provides stability, while the sensors detect the rider’s movements and adjust the wheel’s speed to keep the unicycle upright. The rider controls the direction of travel and speed by shifting their weight. The unicycle’s software processes the input from the sensors in real-time and drives the motor to maintain balance. Albeit, these aren’t expressed in the video, this is what gettable from the video, according to Cartoq.

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