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Google Employees’ Salary leaked; Software Engineers get $718,000 (₹5.9 Crore)

How much Google employees earn

Google employees are one of the highest paid workers in the world and a recent leaked data shows the exact salary details for all the positions in the firm.

Growing pace of technology leverages the tech-workers with a hefty pay, when it comes to top-tech firms in the world. The onset of artificial intelligence had even surged the tech-industry to a new level of scope and opportunity to be paid in huge. The leaked data from Google, obtained by Insider, reveals how much the engineers are paid in the world’s strongest company.

The median total compensation of Google employees amounts to $279,802 (₹2.29 Crores), with software engineers earning the highest at $718,000 (₹5.88 Crores). It’s pricier than Apple’s highest package of $415,000 (₹3.43 Crores).

Google Employees Salary Details

An internal spreadsheet spread among Googlers discloses the compensation packages of workers across a wide variety of jobs starting from engineers, business analysts to managers.

The spreadsheet includes data voluntarily submitted by over 12,000 US employees for the year 2022, reported by Insider. The data comprises of base salary of the roles along with equity compensation and bonusses for each role, except for few.

Googlers receive equity compensation as restricted stock units, which can considerably boost their total compensation over time. The data is taken only for U.S. full time employees and core Googlers, not the employees in Alphabet’s arms like X Company, and more.

According to the data, most software engineers were making from $100,000 to $375,000. Google awards highest bonus to software engineers, offering up to $605,000.

Here are the salary list for various roles in the firm, including bonuses offered.

Highest Paid Jobs in Google

Image Credits: Insider

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Image Credits: Insider

Highest Bonus offered at Google

Image Credits: Insider

Highest paid Sales Job in Google

Highest paid sales job in Google
Image Credits: Insider

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