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Top 20 Jobs in Risk of being Replaced due to AI like OpenAI’s ChatGPT

The advent of generative AI like ChatGPT had caused fear waves in the world, that the AI could replace humans in jobs, particularly white-collar ones.

It all started when Microsoft observed the potential worth of OpenAI’s new technology that it had been working on and invested $1 billion in 2019 along with supplying supercomputers for the firm to develop an AI, capable of mastering jobs and tasks effectively. This birthed out ChatGPT, the fastest growing platform in history of the world, making Google to panic. Further, Microsoft had boosted the research with multi-year investment of $10 billion in 2023.

Advances in the research has now left us with “GPT-4”, world’s most sophisticated AI ever made. The arrival of GPT-4 and integration of it in Microsoft’s Bing, though is quite beneficiary to the people in simplifying the tasks, it poses a big risk of pressing some jobs to be replaced by the AI.

20 Jobs at Risk of Being Replaced by AI

While top analysts and researchers prescribe the list of jobs that are in danger due to the advance of AI, ChatGPT as such releases a list of jobs that it thinks to replace by itself.

A twitter user recently shared his conversation with the latest ChatGPT-4, in which he asked if the new model will replace certain jobs in near future. The AI tool in response, handed over 20 jobs that it can replace including translator, tutor, market research analyst, email marketer, copywriter.

Also, as the user asked about the human traits it would replace with respect to the jobs, AI answered that too as fact checking, creativity, content creation and curation, and more.

Jobs that can be Replaced by AI

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Jobs with lowest Risk of Automation by AI

Albeit praising AI for its unmatchable human-like brilliance, the fact that AI can’t surpass humans in the thinking ability puts humans in the front for these jobs, implying AI will not be capable enough to take over these skills. Here is a glimpse of the job list that have less chance of automation and hence low risk of losing jobs.

  • Lawyers and Judges
  • Leadership roles – Directors, Managers & CEOs
  • HR Professionals
  • Surgeons & Medical Professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Caregivers & Healthcare Practitioners
  • Entertainment – Movie Directors, Lyricists, and so on
  • UX/UI designer
  • Artists, and jobs that require more creativity.
  • Engineers

Speaking of the context, U.S. Career Institute had released a list of 65 jobs that has the lowest risk of automation either by AI or robots. Mostly the jobs are related to the medical sector and those which requires direct contact and interaction with humans. Here is the full list.

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