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Get Vaccinated & take home $100: US’ new plan to make people Covid-19 vaccinated

2020 Pandemic had shaken the world to the worst in a century, extending to 2021 too, and lockdown still prevails in countries, enabling work-people to wake up @8.55am to login @9am (so called workfromhome). Fun apart, the times were tragic with 43.1 lakh demises. However, the onset of COVID19 vaccines successfully did its duty, saving lives. Thanks to scientists, researchers, doctors and medical officials – gratified towards them.

But few irrational minds refuse to get vaccinated, the act which is naïve for the current situation.

30.2% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and only 15.6% is fully vaccinated.

To drive people for achieving more vaccination results, United States attempts a different approach, now ready to offer $100 payments for every newly vaccinated American to boost COVID-19 inoculation rates, the U.S. Treasury Department said.

The Treasury said in a statement that such incentives are an allowable use of funds from the $350 billion in aid granted to state, local, territorial and tribal governments under the American Rescue Plan Act. The department added that it would provide technical assistance in using these funds to support increased vaccinations.

The Treasury also said it was expanding a tax credit that employers could claim for wages paid to employees to give them paid time off to get vaccinated or to assist family members and certain other individuals with COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Today, the President is calling on state, territorial, and local governments to provide $100 payments for every newly vaccinated American, as an extra incentive to boost vaccination rates, protect communities, and save lives,” Treasury said in a statement.
U.S. President Joe Biden announces changes to the main U.S. coronavirus disease (COVID-19) aid program for small businesses during brief remarks in the South Court Auditorium at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 22, 2021. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

A survey experiment by University of California named as ‘Covid-19 Health and Politics project’ studied the review of 7,249 unvaccinated people, regarding their expectation of compensatory act for being vaccinated. 28% were likely to get vaccinated only if they received $25 in return; 31% for $50 and 34% for $100. The review concluded for $100 cash payment in West Virginia, U.S.

Also, on May 12, 2021, the Republican governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, announced five US$1 million lottery prizes for those who are vaccinated. Many companies are paying vaccinated employees more money through bonuses or extra paid time off. A state University in North Carolina is offering students who get vaccinated a chance to win the cost of housing.

Cons of offering incentives

The push to get as many people vaccinated as possible is laudable and may well work. But leading behavioral scientists are worried that paying people to vaccinate could backfire if it makes people more skeptical of the shots. And ethicists have argued that it would be wrong, citing concerns over fairness and equity.

In the United States, incentives and disincentives are already used in health care. The US system of privatised health insurance exposes patients to substantial deductibles and copays, not only to cover costs but to cut down on what could be deemed as wasteful health care – the thinking being that putting a cost to an emergency room visit, for example, might deter those who aren’t really in need of that level of care.

What so, if you live in that area of U.S., get vaccinated and take home $100!

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