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10 Best Power Banks for your Smartphones under ₹2,000 – Power Bank buying Guide

Every problem has its own solution. Times have changed that people started to work on smartphones if they can’t reach out to laptops, to attend meetings, review presentations or whatever. It actually bothers if your smartphone run out of battery at important times and you don’t have a charging-plug nearby to you, say while commuting. Power banks are helping hands in such cases especially for people who commute, travel a lot or work in remote locations or simply live in an area where power cuts are recurring.

Here are 5 Best Power banks available in the market, compared for you to choose as per your convenience. If you are doubtful about picking the right one, head to the bottom of the page and read our ‘Power Bank Buying Guide’ first.

Mi Power Bank 3i 20000 mAh – Overall Best

Xiaomi’s Mi Power Bank 3i having 20,000 mAh charging capacity can charge three devices at once. The power bank allows for fast charging, thanks to its 18W quick charge. It has two input ports – microUSB and USB-C for charging the power bank and charges fully in 6.9 hours. Comes with 6 months domestic warranty.

SpecificationsMi Power Bank 3i
Charging Capacity20,000 mAh
Number of Output Ports3
Fast ChargingYes. 18W
Fully Charges in6.9 hours
Input Ports2 (microUSB & USB-C)
Weight434 grams
Warranty (if any)6 months (domestic)
Price₹1,949. Buy Here in Amazon!

URBN Ultra Compact 27,000 mAh Power Bank – Good Capacity

URBN’s Ultra Compact 20W Power Bank is one of the best power banks below ₹2,000 with a huge 27,000 mAh battery capacity. In a compact size, it is compatible with all tablets, headphones, smartphones, smartwatches and speakers but doesn’t comes with charger in the box. It charges a 4,000 mAh phone battery up to 5.4 times and comes with 6 months warranty in India.

SpecificationsURBN Ultra Compact Power Bank
Charging Capacity27,000 mAh
Number of Output Ports2 – Type C
Fast ChargingYes. 20W
Fully Charges in10 – 12 hours
Input PortsType – C
Weight410 grams
Warranty (if any)6 months (domestic)
Price₹1,999. Buy in Amazon!

Realme 20,000 mAh Power Bank – Best Fast Charging

Realme’s 20,000 mAh Power bank is a decent buy as it provides two-way quick charging – meaning, it not only fast-charges the smartphone but gets charged quickly by itself. It comes with a 2-in-1 charging cable having micro-USB and USB-C ports. Furthermore, the powerbank includes 14-layer circuit protection for safe charging of smartphones.

Unfortunately, the stock is not available elsewhere other than Amazon. This makes the product to be listed in Amazon for ₹2,099, higher from its actual retail-price ₹1,599.  

SpecificationsRealme 20,000 mAh Power Bank
Charging Capacity20,000 mAh
Number of Output Ports3
Fast ChargingYes. 18 W
Fully Charges inAround 6-7 hours
Input PortType – C
Weight450 grams
Warranty (if any)(Not specified)
Price₹1,599. Buy in Amazon!

Croma 20W 20000mAh Power Bank – Most Affordable

TATA’s Croma 20W 20,000mAh Power bank is the most affordable in the list matching the performance and quality with others. With two output ports and a type-C input port, the power bank also supports fast charging. However, it has a drawback of being heavy to carry weighing nearly 600 grams.

Unless you aren’t a frequent flight-traveller, Croma could be a good choice for money inspite-of it’s heaviness. Buy here!

SpecificationsAmbrane 20,000 mAh Power Bank
Charging Capacity20,000 mAh
Number of Output Ports2 – USB-C & Type-A
Fast ChargingYes. 20 W
Fully Charges in6 – 8 hours
Input PortType – C
Weight599 grams
Warranty (if any)6 months
Price₹1,499. Buy in Amazon!

Redmi 20,000 mAh Power Bank – Overall Good

Redmi 20,000 mAh Power Bank comes with high-density advanced Li-polymer batteries that makes it more durable and optimizes charging efficiency.  With 18W Two-way quick charging, it can fast-charge smartphones & gets charged itself. It comes with 12 layer of circuit-chip protection that enhances charging efficiency. It also has a low power mode for charging your smartwatches and wireless Bluetooth headphones.

SpecificationsRedmi 20,000 mAh Power Bank
Charging Capacity20,100 mAh
Number of Output Ports2
Fast ChargingYes. 18W
Fully Charges in10 hours
Input Port2 – micro-USB, USB-C
Weight447 grams
Warranty (if any)6 months
Price₹1,799. Buy here in Amazon!

Comparison of Power Banks

The above mentioned five power-banks are profound in its own way, under its cons too. We had compared and ranked the top-5 power-banks based on its overall performance, durability and ratings. (Opinionated)

SpecsCharging Capacity
Fast ChargingFully Charges in (hrs)Best ForConsPriceRank
Mi Power Bank 3i20,000Yes6.9Overall PerformanceSlow Charging of Power Bank₹1949II
URBN Ultra Compact 27,000Yes10 – 12Battery CapacitySlow Charging of Power Bank
Poor Customer Support
Realme 20,000Yes6 – 7Fast Charging & OverallHeavy₹2099IV
Croma 20W 20000mAh 20,000Yes6 – 8Most AffordableVery Heavy₹1499I
Redmi 20000mAh  20,000Yes10Value for MoneyOnly micro-USB cable included₹1799III
Comparison of Power-Banks Under Rs.2000

The power-banks are ranked based on overall capacity and performance for its price-tag, quality and durability, connectivity (ports) and other features.

Here are the five other power-banks that comes under top-10 positions in the list:

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Power-Bank Buying Guide – What to look for?

Charging capacity

The foremost thing to consider while buying a power-bank is its charging capacity – which is what it is known for. A good power-bank that can energize smartphones 4-5 times could be considered a valuable product. And that’s why you should go for 20,000 mAh and above rated charging capacity power-banks.

Also, it’s important to look for the power bank’s charging time as long duration of charging power banks could be annoying for frequent use.

Brand Quality and Customer Support

The next big-thing goes for performance and brand quality. Settling for power-bank with good features, but poor quality will drain your device and the money you spent it for. Look for a renowned power-bank making companies like Xiaomi, Anker, TATA, Realme and so on.

A good customer support is as important as the brand-quality.


Compatibilities offered by power-bank comes next, and your power-bank should provide at least two output ports and preferably a USB-C type charging, as most of the smartphones, smartwatch and earphones support USB-C type, it’s easy to carry one-cable for all devices.

Fast Charging

This is an addon feature of power-banks. A good fast-charging power-bank saves a much of charging-time and while modern smartphones do equip fast-charging, your power bank should too.

Other Features

Power bank’s all other features like LED indicators for showing battery level & charging status, and weight of the power-bank for easy-carry comes under the last check-list of buying a power-bank. Fortunately, all power-banks detailed above include LED-indicators to show the battery-level.

Check our Smartphone-buying guide too.

(For more such interesting technology and innovative detailing, keep reading The Inner Detail).

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